Port with or without a guide

You can visit the ports with a guide or on your own. Discover what Antwerp and Zeebrugge have to offer.

Visit the ports on your own

In the ports, you explore many remarkable places on your own.

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Visit the ports with a guide

You can easily explore the port by bicycle or by boat.

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Visit the Port of Antwerp or Zeebrugge on your own

You can discover various unique spots on your own in the port. Did you know that a large part of the port of Antwerp is a nature reserve? For example, you can spot birds in the Kuifeend or the Verrebroek ponds. You can easily combine a visit to Zeebrugge with a day at the coast. Head out by yourself, with friends, with children or with the whole family and experience the port.

Cycling and walking

A holiday in your own country? The port is more than just ships or industry. You can cycle past imposing ships, walk through tranquil nature areas, get a breath of fresh air on the quay or discover cool street art. Or would you prefer to spot a lapwing or a swift? A perfect way to explore the port by yourself is by bike! Map out your route using connection points or choose one of the specially devised Havenland cycle routes in Antwerp

Walking in the port area


Havenland is an initiative by various partners combining all recreational activities specifically in and around Antwerp


On the Havenland website, you can find a handy interactive map showing places of interest. You can also find signposted walking or cycling routes, guided tours and a calendar with other fun activities.

Biking in the port

Taking photos

Antwerp and Zeebrugge are unique destinations offering plenty of photogenic spots. If you take a trip to the port, don't forget to bring your camera and the map with all the hotspots for ship spotting. However, you can't simply take any photos you like. Look here to see the particular rules that apply when taking photos or filming in the port


If you want to film with a drone, you need a licence and permission. You apply for this via the DronePortal.


Did you get some great snapshots? Share them on social media with #portofantwerpbruges

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You can go fishing in various spots in both and Zeebrugge and Antwerp. Purchase a fishing permit from the Nature and Forest Agency and make sure you only fish where it is permitted.


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Want to visit the port of Antwerp or Zeebrugge with a guide?

Would you rather explore the port with a guide? Both in Antwerp and Zeebrugge, the Port Authority plus various private actors offer guided tours, guided bike tours or guided tours. 

Visit the port of Zeebrugge with a guide

Bus tour

The port can be visited every day in the morning and afternoon. The reception is in the ABC-building. This is followed by a tour of about 75 minutes through the port area. Book your port visit at least 1 month in advance by submitting a request via the form below. The fee is € 110 per guide.

Request a port visit
Fietsen in de haven

Boat trip

Would you rather soak up the atmosphere of a bustling port from the water? Feast your eyes on the largest seagoing vessels just meters away. Discover a world port in action with Captain Blue.

Maritime theme park

The maritime theme park Seafront Zeebrugge is located in and around the building of the old fish market. Here you will discover the secrets of the sea and taste the rich fishing history. You will stand at the helm of the former lightship West-Hinder.

Visit the Port of Antwerp with a guide

Useful downloads

This map shows you all the spots in the port of Antwerp from where you have a great view to spot ships.

Ship spotting map

This map shows you all the spots in the port of Antwerp from where you have a great view to spot ships.

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