In Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we offer a range of maritime services and port services to ensure that every journey goes smoothly and safely.


Pilots direct shipping. Their advice and insights help captains accurately navigate their vessels inside and outside the port area. In Flanders, the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast (MDK) is responsible for shipping traffic to and from Antwerp and Bruges.

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Towage services

Tugs are powerful and manoeuvrable vessels that assist large ships in precise mooring and unmooring. Both in Antwerp and Zeebrugge you can solicit various towing companies.

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Like cars, ships need fuel to operate. In shipping, this refuelling process is called bunkering. Port of Antwerp-Bruges has an extensive range of conventional fuels, such as low-sulphur bunker oil, and alternative fuels, such as LNG or hydrogen. See where you can bunker in Port of Antwerp-Bruges here. 

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Litter and floating waste

Shipping agents and shipping companies are required by law to report ship-generated waste on board at every port call. Or have you seen floating waste? Let us know. 

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Onze sleepdiensten helpen bij het manoeuvreren, aan- en afmeren van een schip.

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