In Port of Antwerp-Bruges, industry and logistics go hand in hand. Antwerp is home to the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. Bruges is one of the main entry points for the supply of LNG in Northwest Europe. This is an ideal combination to become the green energy hub of the future. 

In Port of Antwerp-Bruges, industry and logistics go hand in hand. Antwerp is home to the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. The diversity of the industry is unique in the world. It brings some of the most cutting-edge logistical experts together for the safe storage, handling and distribution of oil, chemical products and gases.

Green energy hub

As the world evolves, we evolve too. With maritime connections to more than 1000 ports, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is at the heart of international world trade.


It is our ambition, as an active pioneer of the sustainable hydrogen economy, to become Europe's leading import hub for green hydrogen.

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Pioneer of the sustainable green hydrogen economy and energy hub.

The refineries of TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil, and the three steam crackers in Antwerp ensure the stable local availability of raw materials

The close cooperation between the companies, both in the chemical cluster at the production level and in the field of energy and services such as sustainable waste treatment, ensures extremely cost-efficient production. Various global players in the chemical production sector are based in Antwerp, either logistically or with a production unit.

LNG in Bruges

Bruges has had infrastructure for the storage and transshipment of LNG since 1987 and is one of the main entry points for LNG supplies in Northwest Europe. The Fluxys LNG terminal was built for loading and unloading ships carrying LNG. The LNG is temporarily stored in buffer tanks with a capacity of 9 billion m³ on an annual basis. The LNG is distributed via LNG ships or LNG trucks.

Industry of the future: NextGen innovation zones

The NextGen District network is a hotspot bustling with new ideas and creative entrepreneurship. NextGen District is located in an industrial environment, close to the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. This allows for interaction with existing companies and suppliers in the industry. This reinforcing effect provides a competitive advantage to both new and existing businesses.

Ready to give your business more shape? At NextGen Demo, you, as a young entrepreneur, will find the support and space you need to demonstrate your technologies on a larger scale.

Is it time to shift up a gear? Scale-ups take advantage of the resources and space made available by NextGen Park, while continuing to expand their portfolio.

Looking for the right location for your unique project? Industrial companies also find the space and infrastructure they need at NextGen Lots to build up to their specific needs.

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Investing in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Port of Antwerp-Bruges grants concessions. When sites become available within the port area, we inform the market. Via a market consultation, candidates submit a project proposal. On the basis of predetermined criteria, the port authority awards the site to the most suitable concessionaire.

Antwerp North Heat Grid

In Antwerp, various partners are working together on the first open access heat grid in Belgium. In the first instance, Indaver and Port of Antwerp-Bruges envisage a basic grid for industry.On behalf of the City of Antwerp, Fluvius is connecting a residential heat grid

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With the switch to a circular economy and major investments in the energy transition, climate and energy transition is taking shape.

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