As an essential link in global logistics chains, Port of Antwerp-Bruges has grown into a leading European port with a strong and comprehensive offering for cargo. Practically any product you use in daily life passes through our port. Every product requires its own method of transportation, or rather its own form of shipping.


Dry bulk

Port of Antwerp-Bruges handles a wide variety of dry bulk, or unpackaged goods that are transported loose in large quantities in the hold of a ship, in a railcar or in a truck. We offer extensive and high-end throughput facilities for these goods that include fertilizers, scrap and ores.

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Container load

You can transport just about anything in a container: from garden furniture to clothing, from electronics to building materials. Port of Antwerp-Bruges receives the world's largest container ships on a daily basis and is the second largest European container port.

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Thanks to a 'can do' mentality and the extensive experience of the many service providers, we ship the most diverse breakbulk loads from European production centres to all corners of the world. And vice versa.

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Liquid bulk

Thanks to the numerous chemical companies in the port, we transport a lot of bulk liquids every year. There are extensive independent storage facilities and a wide range of service providers to handle these goods such as fuels and chemicals.

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Cold chain

For products that require a specific temperature during storage and transport, we offer a continuous cold chain. The port's strategic location, short transit times and specialist handling ensure that frozen products, vegetables or medicines will reach their final destination quickly and in excellent condition.

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Dangerous goods

We have everything at our disposal to ensure the safe handling of dangerous goods such as chemicals, oils and gases. With high safety standards, extensive emergency procedures and strict regulations, we ensure the safety of port users and local residents. 

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RORO and automotive

Goods that are driven on board are called RORO (roll-on/roll-off) cargo. These include cars, farm machinery and other vehicles. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the world leader in RORO traffic, with Zeebrugge as the largest car port in the world.

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WWS - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions

Gateway to the European customs union

For import and export goods, rapid transit through the port is crucial. In some cases, additional checks are needed. As the gateway to the European market, we as a port platform have a great responsibility for ensuring a reliable and safe port while minimising the impact on trade.

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