As a concessionaire at Port of Antwerp-Bruges, you can count on tailored advice and guidance. A team of Key Account Managers thinks on your wavelength and helps you in your further growth and development by offering solutions to specific needs. Thanks to an active and dynamic approach, we are working towards the solid and sustainable development of the port area.

Tailored advice

As a concessionaire, you can count on tailored advice and guidance. A team of Key Account Managers familiarises itself with your activities and is ready to guarantee your business continuity.

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General conditions, rates and periods

At Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we have a clear and sustainable vision for the continued development of the entire port platform. The general conditions describe, among other things, the terms of use of the concession, liabilities, the arrangements when a concession is terminated, etc. You can also consult the investment fork that we use to determine the concession term.


Based on transparent criteria, we determine rates and periods to guarantee that the concessionaire, and therefore their activities, traffic and employment at the port, is sustainably established.


Concessions in Antwerp

View all tariffs for concessions in Antwerp.


View all tariffs for concessions in Antwerp.

Contact our experts

Jelle Dierckx

Invest Development Manager

Jackie Joossen

Concessions Manager

Meet the team


Would you like to test out specific ideas or do you have a question about your concession agreement?

Key Account Managers

Karen Callebaut

Key Account Manager Logistics

Roxanne Adolphy

Key Account Manager Logistics

Jo Van der herten

Key Account Manager Logistics

Concession advisors

Koen Breugelmans

Concessions Advisor

Michaël Van Hooydonck

Concessions Advisor

Jelena Adriaenssens

Concessions Advisor

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