A port is a unique backdrop for filming and photographing. The activity, architecture and shipping are very attractive to people with a passion for creating original imagery.

The port is a technically complex environment with its own regulatory framework. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast. Keep in mind the guidelines and agreements below. That way, we guarantee the safety and privacy of everyone in the port area.    

Fotograferen en filmen in de haven van Antwerpen of Zeebrugge.

Filming and photography in Port of Antwerp-Bruges


Always keep in mind the working nature of the port and the fact that the port area is busy. Respect the traffic rules and be extra vigilant near bridges and locks, where the traffic situation changes regularly.

Imaging nuclear and critical facilities

For your information, keep in mind that you can only take pictures of nuclear facilities such as the Doel nuclear power plant under certain conditions and with explicit permission. The legal text is is not available in English. For further information contact FANC


Since 2021 the port area has been a geozone where all flights must comply with certain legal requirements. This means that you have to ask permission for every drone flight. Failure to do so may result in a fine.


As a drone pilot, if your paperwork is in compliance in advance, the request and permission for a flight goes very smoothly.


The permission from Port of Antwerp-Bruges does not mean that you can fly over companies or industrial installations as you like. For this, you need the written permission of the companies in question.

News media and journalists

Journalists (professional journalists, journalists by profession, trainee professional journalists and part-time journalists) with an official press card and accompanying technicians (with T-card) can photograph or film on the public domain in the port area without prior permission.


Recording with drones always requires permission, including for journalists.

Commercial or private recordings in Antwerp

It is possible to make images, sound recordings and photographs in the port and the Port House, provided that the communication and security services (of Port of Antwerp-Bruges and/or the company concerned) give their permission.


Permission from Port of Antwerp-Bruges is always required. For recordings on company premises, approval is also required from the company in question.

Both the businesses in the port and the Port House are operational businesses and/or offices. Using these locations as film sets has a major impact on the operation of the company. We count on your understanding and respect in this regard.


For all photographing or filming requests, please contact the communications department.

Definitely include the information below in your request:


  • surname and first name
  • contact details
  • purpose of the recording
  • name of the broadcaster, production company or other medium you work for
  • (TV) program / (TV) series / film of which these recordings are part
  • the exact location(s) where you wish to film
  • date and time
  • what equipment you will bring
  • how much space you need for setting up your equipment
  • any storage space you may need
  • possible scenario


You will receive notification as soon as possible as to whether the recordings may go ahead. In such cases, you will receive more information about the practical details and possible costs. You can find the basic conditions in our Tariff regulations on events, photography and film recordings 2021.


For recordings in the Port House and in other locations of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we draw up a location agreement. Additional costs for Port of Antwerp-Bruges staff, security or other services will be invoiced to the applicant.


Requests for recordings that take place both in the City of Antwerp and in the port area must be submitted via the City of Antwerp.

Filming and photography in the port of Zeebrugge

It is prohibited to photograph or film in the port area without permission from the Zeebrugge Harbour Master's Office Follow the instructions to apply for a permit.

Commercial or private recordings

Notify the Harbour Master's Office and the communications department of your visit. Provide the Harbour Master's Office with the following information:


  • A copy or photo of the ID of each person coming to Zeebrugge (press cards are not accepted).
  • The number plates of the vehicles used for the visit to the port of Zeebrugge. 


Once you receive the permit, you can film or take pictures from public roads in the port area. Keep in mind the following restrictions:


  • The permit does not allow drones to take images or film in the port area. 
  • It is prohibited to film or take pictures of activities at terminals in Zeebrugge. You can only film at terminals if you have specific permission from the terminal company.

Useful downloads

Location conditions


Rate regulations on Events, Photographic and Film Recordings


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