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Get to know Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Europe's second largest port and a driver of the circular economy and energy transition. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is helping to build a sustainable world.

Photographer: Dave Wels (FLYWEL) ©Dave Wels (FLYWEL)

World port

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the second largest port in Europe. With connections to more than 800 destinations, it connects the European continent to the rest of the world. Port of Antwerp-Bruges generates 73,700 direct jobs and no less than €20 billion in added value.

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People and the environment

Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to be more than an engine for the Belgian economy. The port and its environment form an inseparable ecosystem and therefore strive for a sustainable future.

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Visit Port of Antwerp-Bruges

On your own or with a guide, alone, with friends or with the kids... There is tons to see and do in Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Visit Portopolis or the Port House in Antwerp. Set off on a tour of discovery around the port or visit the ABC Tower in Zeebrugge.

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De gezinnen uit de fotoreportage vormen elk een bubbel, de mondkapjes mochten dus even uit.
De foto's zijn vrij te gebruiken mits vermelding copyright Bailleul Ontwerpbureau ©Bailleul Ontwerpbureau

Smooth and safe traffic

An easily accessible port with safe traffic flow. To achieve this, various teams at Port of Antwerp-Bruges work hard every day. The focus is not only on nautical aspects. In addition to the importance of the logistics chain, stimulating sustainable passenger transport for commuting is a priority. 

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Be climate neutral by the year 2050. That is the goal of Port of Antwerp-Bruges. How? By making the transition to a circular economy and investing in the energy transition.

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