With DeWaterbus and the ferry services across the Scheldt, you can opt for traffic-free commuting by water. DeWaterbus sails from early morning to late evening and smoothly transports you from the city to the port or vice versa. And bikes can be taken along for free. 

DeWaterbus is part of the public transport system and operates every day of the year. At 8 stops, a ship leaves every 30 minutes in both directions, from Hemiksem to Lillo. You can easily combine DeWaterbus with tram, bus or bike.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges started with DeWaterbus in 2017. Since 1 January 2021, the Flemish Agency for Maritime Services and Coast has been organising transport with DeWaterbus, just like the ferry services on the Scheldt. 


DeWaterbus is the ideal mode of transport to commute smoothly to and from the port, even if you work shifts. As a visitor, you can discover the Antwerp port area from the water with DeWaterbus. Or bring your bike and venture even deeper into the port.

Timetables and information

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