Green energy hub

Pioneer of the sustainable green hydrogen economy and energy hub.

As the world evolves, we evolve too. With maritime connections to more than 1000 ports, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is at the heart of international world trade.


It is our ambition, as an active pioneer of the sustainable hydrogen economy, to become an important Europe's leading import hub for green hydrogen.


In tune with the world, today and tomorrow.

The port that gets your green energy flowing

As a world port, we want to contribute to a climate-neutral European economy by committing to green energy such as hydrogen. As sustainable energy sources, solar and wind are the basis for the local production of green hydrogen (without CO² emissions). Port of Antwerp-Bruges is investing in the import of renewable energy to supplement the local production of green and blue hydrogen. This enables robust provisioning of green energy for Europe.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges commits to green energy production.

Importing green energy and hydrogen

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is focusing on the global import of green energy from countries where there is a surplus of wind and solar, such as Chile, Oman and Namibia. The global spread of these regions ensures that Belgium and Europe are less dependent on a limited number of countries for their energy supplies.

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We produce renewable green energy with solar panels and wind turbines.

Local production

As an energy and industry hub, we consume and produce a great deal of energy. The port companies in Antwerp and Zeebrugge produce a lot of renewable energy locally with solar panels and wind turbines. Thanks to the presence of wind farms and LNG infrastructure, Zeebrugge is the ideal location for the construction of a green hydrogen plant, HyoffWind. In addition, US company Plug will build a facility at circular hotspot NextGen District in Antwerp.

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Construction and production of a green hydrogen plant.

Intermodal connections

Inland navigation, rail or pipeline – we help you choose the means of transport that suits you best. An open-access hydrogen backbone will connect the Antwerp port area the German hinterland. Zeebrugge will also be connected to the network later.

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Pipeline infrastructure and connections for green energy transport.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges already has the necessary infrastructure for receiving various hydrogen carriers and further disseminating them today. This includes quays, terminals and pipelines. We are also fully focused on developing new infrastructure and increasing existing capacity.

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