Dry bulk includes grain, coal, iron ore, cement, sugar, salt or sand. These goods are not packaged. Dry bulk is transported loose in large quantities, in the hold of a ship, in a railway wagon or in a truck. A large part of the dry bulk arriving in the port of Antwerp is intended as raw material for other products. Iron ore is used to make steel. Grains such as barley are ingredients for beer and whisky.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges handles a wide variety of dry bulk. You will find extensive and cutting-edge throughput facilities for this category of goods.


The specialised terminals (all with multimodal access) offer a total solution for a wide variety of bulk:



  • major bulk products: fertilizers, scrap
  • minor bulk products: zinc ore, kaolin, gravel, sand, potassium salts, wood waste, malt, granite blocks, cement clinker, marble, soda, rapeseed, glass


The terminals are equipped to receive capesize or panamax ships.

Antwerp_Stone_Terminal_2019 (30)

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is more than a loading and unloading site for dry bulk goods.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is more than a loading and unloading site for dry bulk goods, it can also offer:


  • Specialist services: blending, liquefying, repackaging and preparation for transport.


  • Specialist storage facilities: 1.43 million m² of open and closed warehousing including London Metals Exchange (LME)-approved warehouses for various non-ferrous products.


  • More efficient transit of goods: most logistics companies in Antwerp have the AEO-full certificate.

Boortmalt in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Antwerp is the second largest malt producer in Europe, thanks to Boortmalt. The production process that converts barley to malt demands precise management of moisture and dryness.


Boortmalt's business model is unique in that in addition to high-quality production for its own use, it also offers handling, storage and quality control of malt for other companies.


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