RORO means 'roll on, roll off'. The name refers to the way this cargo is loaded and unloaded. It is primarily mobile cargo, which is driven on and off RORO vessels by specially trained drivers. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the world leader in this domain, with Zeebrugge as the largest car port in the world.

World leader in roll-on/roll-off traffic

Many of these RORO vessels also have the ability to transport containers and are then referred to as CONRO vessels.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges has extensive terminals for rolling stock. Every day, these RORO terminals connect the port to various ports in Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Southern Europe. Recently, Port of Antwerp-Bruges strengthened its historic cooperation agreement with the port of Nagoya in Japan. The country is a leading player in the automotive sector.


With a throughput of nearly 7 million tons by 2020, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the world leader in the import and export of RORO cargo.

Largest car port in the world

Zeebrugge handled 2.2 million new cars in 2021, making it the largest car port in the world. Cars from all the major brands in the automotive sector pass through here, and for many brands Zeebrugge is their intercontinental and European hub.


In total, the terminals have an area of more than 400 hectares with a parking capacity of 210,000 units. In Zeebrugge, around 2,000 people are employed in the automotive sector, the equivalent of a small car factory.

Thanks to the expertise of the operators and terminals, the excellent geographical location and the many connection possibilities to the hinterland, Zeebrugge is the world player for the automotive sector. 

Jacques VandermeirenCEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges
CEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges

The Antwerp terminals also handle cars. Thanks to its frequent connections with Africa, Antwerp is considered an ideal export port for second-hand cars, particularly those destined for West-Africa.

High added value

RORO terminals are reputed for their extensive know-how, project management and efficient handling of rolling stock. But Port of Antwerp-Bruges does more than simply shipping and loading and unloading rolling stock. It offers a wide range of value-added services.  


For example, there are customised storage facilities and processing centres, where inspections take place prior to delivery. Not to mention other services, such as repairs, installation of accessories and options (bumpers, tow bars, cooling systems, etc.), washing, de-waxing and spraying or second-stage manufacturing. A wide range of possibilities to ensure that cars are in tip-top condition. Ready for delivery to the local market.

Special cargo

In addition to finished vehicles, Port of Antwerp-Bruges also handles the transportation and logistics of oversized and project cargoes, which demand expert handling.


This includes heavy or exceptionally large cargo, which is first secured on separate wheeled trailers and then transported on board. Examples include railcars, helicopters, yachts, farm machinery, etc.


Trailers and containers can also be handled as RORO cargo. Nearly 90% of this freight is transferred unaccompanied by a driver.

Naast afgewerkte voertuigen verzorgt Port of Antwerp-Bruges ook het vervoer en de logistiek van oversized en projectladingen.


To stand out from the competition on the world market, companies must be able to call on the best possible supply chain to get cargo to its final destination.

Brochure Supply Chain

To stand out from the competition on the world market, companies must be able to call on the best possible supply chain to get cargo to its final destination.

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