Service providers at the port offer value-added activities for all types of goods tailored to the customer. In addition to unloading and loading goods, many companies provide other services including quality control, freight forwarding, customs administration and transport.

Automotive and RORO

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the world's largest RORO port, but we are particularly proud of our personal service. Besides the loading and unloading of the largest RORO vessels, we also have a comprehensive range of value-added services for modifying and handling each vehicle according to customer wishes.


From repairs to washing, spray-painting and installing accessories: all these services are carried out by well-trained staff with an extensive know-how who have gained their expertise through years of experience.

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Whether it involves wood, steel or project cargo, the numerous logistics players at our port are building upon years of experience in handling breakbulk. They rely on highly trained employees who are highly regarded for their productivity and expertise.


Besides tailor-made solutions for loading and unloading, thorough quality control, sampling, labelling or order-picking are also possible for various types of breakbulk.

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Cold chain

Sorting, order picking, quality control, transport, etc. These are just a few of the services offered by our experienced service providers when handling perishables.


For life sciences and healthcare products, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the first port in the world to operate its entire logistics chain according to the European Good Distribution Practice (GDP) rules.

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You will find a range of empty container depots at the port. Besides the storage of empty containers, these container depots also offer other services. For example, cleaning of containers and tanks, repairs, inspections and modifications with a view to a sale or rental.


Each container depot has its own speciality in handling dry freight containers, reefer containers of tank containers.

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Dry bulk

Grain, coal, iron ore, cement, sugar, salt or sand: these goods are all transported unpackaged in a ship's cargo hold, in a railway wagon or in a truck.


We are more than a place for loading and unloading dry bulk – we offer value-added services such as mixing, liquefying and packaging. In addition, we also have specialist storage options.

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Liquid bulk

Port of Antwerp-Bruges has specialist facilities for the storage of hazardous goods in warehouses and tanks.


You can find an extensive network of logistics experts here. Alongside storage facilities, specialist firms offer a range of logistics services, such as transferral to drums, heating and mixing products, quality control, stock management, transport and distribution.

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Gateway to the European customs union

Smooth clearance of goods through customs is necessary for imports or exports. Goods can be cleared electronically, even before the ship has been unloaded. The possibility of placing goods under a specific regime allows for the temporary suspension of import duties and customs costs through a Bonded Warehouse or customs entrepôt.


More than 200 specialist service providers have years of know-how and expertise to support you.

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Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the gateway to the European customs union, offering value added services.

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