Value-added services

In the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge, you will find a comprehensive range of cargo services.


Service providers at the port provide value-added activities for all types of goods, tailored to the customer. In addition to unloading and loading goods, many port companies offer other services including freight forwarding, customs administration, transport, etc.


Thanks to these integrated supply chain solutions, products reach the end customer in optimal conditions. 


Container load

Containers make sure that bulk cargo is transported in a seaworthy manner. Loading and unloading these containers, referred to as stuffing and stripping, can be done at almost all terminals in the port.

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In addition to careful unloading and loading, a wide range of logistics players offer added value tailored to each type of breakbulk, such as storing and packing fruit, wood and project cargo.

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Dry bulk

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is more than a loading and unloading site for dry bulk cargo. The port offers specialised warehouses and specialised services.

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Bulk liquids

For bulk liquids, such as fuels and chemicals, there are extensive independent storage facilities and a wide range of service providers in the port. 

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Wide range of services

Companies offer a wide range of services. Examples include the storage and distribution of goods, but also the handling of customs and phytosanitary procedures or quality controls.

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RoRo and automotive

In addition to shipping rolling stock, you can find a wide range of value-added services at our port. For example, there are customised storage facilities and processing centres, where inspections take place prior to delivery. 

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Perishable goods

Our specialised service providers store perishable goods in temperature-controlled warehouses. They offer a wide range of services relating to these goods, including maturing, order picking, sorting, packing, etc.

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Dangerous goods

Specialised logistics service providers offer storage facilities which meet the strictest national and European standards for fire prevention, fire suppression, industrial safety and environmental safety. 

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