Within the port area, trucks and trains drive continuously to and from terminals, warehouses, supply centres and industrial companies. In order to guarantee fast and efficient transport, Port of Antwerp-Bruges focuses on the sustainable organisation of freight transport to, from and within the port. With a modal shift in favour of rail and inland navigation, we can avoid increasing road congestion. Pipelines are also helpful in removing many trucks from the road.

Looking for your ideal connection via rail, barge or shortsea?

Discover all connections with the hinterland for your cargo from Antwerp or from Zeebrugge. You can use the online route planner to search easily for maritime and intermodal destinations. You can also find a list of container terminals in the port. 

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Transport tailored to your needs

Inland navigation, rail, shortsea or night logistics – we help you choose the means of transport that suits you best.


Depending on the type of cargo, the destination and the time of day, your mode of transport will differ. That’s why Port of Antwerp Bruges offers a range of alternatives at the intermodal terminals.

Choosing sustainable freight transport

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, along with the competent partners and authorities, is developing the transport infrastructure for the benefit of sustainable freight transport.


With an incentivising policy, we are convincing players in the supply chain about the advantages of alternative modes of transport.

Inland navigation

Ship your goods cost-effectively to the largest European markets:


  • frequent connections to the largest European markets 
  • extensive flexibility in terms of volume and types of goods
  • sustainable option for large volumes 
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Rail transport

A climate-friendly option that gives you an edge over the rest:


  • environmentally friendly
  • no traffic jams 
  • suitable for all kinds of goods 
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Short sea shipping

Flexibility and a comprehensive service offering for your just-in-time cargo:


  • suitable for transport over (medium) long distances
  • large transport capacity for a smaller cost
  • excellent transit times 
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Trucks, road transport and night logistics

Opting for road transport after all? Take advantage of the night opening of terminals and save time:


  • shorter distances
  • more accurate delivery times
  • no congestion
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