Port of Antwerp-Bruges has six deepsea container terminals that receive the world's largest container ships smoothly thanks to a good draft and smart use of tides. On this page you will find an overview of the deepsea container terminals and empty container depots in Antwerp and Bruges and their opening times. 

Deepsea terminals in Antwerp

Antwerp has five deepsea terminals. Each container terminal has multimodal access by road, rail and inland navigation to and from the hinterland. All container terminals in Antwerp are open 24/7 for seagoing vessels but have specific 24/5 opening times for trucks.


The deepsea container terminals are open to trucks 24/5 at night. The night-time opening of the container terminals helps spread road transport more effectively and reduce congestion in the Antwerp port area. 

Each deepsea container terminal has multimodal access by road, rail and inland waterway to and from the hinterland.
Deepsea terminals in Antwerpen

Deepsea terminal in Bruges

The deepsea container terminal in the port of Bruges, CSP Zeebrugge Terminal, is located on the open sea close to the busiest shipping lanes in Northwest Europe.

spoorvervoer CSP Zeebrugge

Empty container depots in Antwerp

In the Antwerp port area you can find various multimodal empty container depots for the collection and delivery of empty containers. You can go there with dry containers as well as reefers or refrigerated containers. These depots also repair damaged containers. 

The website of Certified Pick up collects all information about the platform in one place.

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