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Shipping is the beating heart of Port of Antwerp-Bruges. With modern nautical infrastructure, transparent law enforcement and proactive shipping guidance, Port of Antwerp-Bruges guarantees efficient and safe navigation through the port. Together with customers and partners, we are achieving good results: faster distribution, more intelligent logistics, smoother customs handling, greener activities and more transparent processes for maritime and inland navigation.

Maritime services

In Port of Antwerp-Bruges we offer a range of maritime services and port services such as pilotage, towage services, bunkering or applications to follow the sailing of your ship. That way, every sailing goes smoothly and safely.

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Nautical notices

Special or temporary situations in the port area are available in the form of nautical notices. These include work or special operations on the waterway, mooring restrictions, or changes in procedures. These nautical notices are informative and authoritative in nature.

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The Harbourmaster's Office

Antwerp and Zeebrugge have a harbour master. The harbour masters, or port commanders, together with their teams, are responsible for the practical operation of the port. They take measures according to public order and safety in the port area. Besides international and national rules, Antwerp and Zeebrugge have a set of local rules, which the harbour master lays down in port regulations.

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Inland navigation services

Inland navigation is the most important alternative transport mode in Port of Antwerp-Bruges. There are a range of places available to inland operators or skippers at the port for purchasing drinking water, collecting bilge water, waste disposal, degassification, shore power, etc.

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Zeebrugge lies on the route of several Western European cruises. Every year, the port welcomes thousands of cruise tourists who discover Flanders' tourist offering during a day trip. Consult the departure and arrival times of cruises here. 

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WWS - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions

Cargo ships

Cargo ships of all shapes and sizes pass through Port of Antwerp-Bruges. They are designed and equipped for the cargo they carry.

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Regulations and procedures

To guarantee the safety of all port users and the smooth operation of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, various rules and conditions have been laid down. These rules are contained in the port police regulation. The Port Authority Officers monitor compliance and are responsible for enforcement. 

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Regulations for dangerous goods

Dangerous and polluting goods refers to the transportation and handling of explosives, ammunition, dangerous goods, and performing special handling operations that pose a risk of fire, explosion, or environmental nuisance. Transporting these is subject to special rules. The Harbour Master's Office supervises the correct handling of dangerous goods and compliance with all legal requirements. 

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Security in and around the port

A port is an extensive area with critical installations and activities. Safety and security are crucial: for the people who work at the port and for the people who live in the general vicinity of the port area. Everyone who comes into the port can help enhance safety and security.

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Port of Antwerp staat in voor de inspectie van sluizen en bruggen, zoals de Noordkasteelbrug.
Elke dag rijden hier honderden vrachtwagens over en varen er tientallen schepen onder. 
Om scheurtjes sneller te kunnen detecteren en monitoren, experimenteren we sinds kort met Villari sensoren.
Deze sensoren werden aangebracht op 28 locaties en geven data door via een mobiel netwerk.

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