What is the weather like at the Antwerp port area? Or what was the weather like at the Antwerp port area yesterday? The Meteo Data API provides an answer to these questions.

What is the Meteo data API?

The API provides details of the wind direction and the minimum, average and maximum wind speed over a period of time at each of our locks. Both the current wind information as well as historical information can be retrieved, by specifying a time period in your request. This API is free of charge.

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Step 1: Register

In order to access the data, you need to register on the NxtPort platform. Registration is open to (commercial and public) companies as well as individuals.

Note: if you want to register as an organisation, check whether your organisation is not already registered. If so, please ask your administrator to create your user account.


Step 2: Subscribe

Once you have registered, you can subscribe to the Meteo data use case on the Open Data platform. If the user belongs to an organisation, the administrator of that organisation will need to create an account for the user.

The meteo API gives an answer to questions concerning the direction of the wind, the minimal, average and maximum wind speed over a period of time, as well as the minimal, average and maximum temperature are provided for each of our lock complexes.

How to use the Meteo Data API?

The Meteo Data API is a direct access API that can be integrated in your application. The API is free to use, but its call rate is limited to 100 calls per day.

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Do you have any questions regarding Meteo Data, its use or its API integration? If so, do not hesitate to contact us.

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