Tired of waiting in line for an open bridge or lock? Port of Antwerp-Bruges makes the position of bridges and locks available through the Bridges & Locks Open Data API.

What is the Bridges & Locks Open Data API?

Using the API, you will receive information about the operation of the bridges and lock gates. Real-time information about whether the bridge or lock is functioning, whether the bridge is open or closed and which lock gates are open or closed, is provided through this API.


This API is free of charge. 

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Step 1: Register

In order to access the data, you need to be registered on the Open Data platform. Registration is open to (commercial and public) companies as well as individuals.


Note: if you want to register as an organisation, check whether your organisation is not already registered. If so, please ask your administrator to create your user account.


Step 2: Subscribe

Registered users can subscribe to the Bridges & Locks data use case on the Open Data platform. If the user belongs to an organisation, the administrator of that organisation will need to create an account for the user. 

dronebeelden nieuwe LED-lichten Lillobrug

How to use the Bridges & Locks Open Data API?

With the API, you can integrate the position of bridges and locks in your own applications. The information on how to implement the API can be found here.

API documentation

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Do you have any questions regarding Bridges & Locks, its use or its API integration? If so, do not hesitate to contact us.

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