Authorisation application in Antwerp

To guarantee smooth and safe shipping traffic, the harbour masters office in Antwerp and Zeebrugge monitors the regulations and special authorisations in the port area. You need permission to work with a nautical impact. You can find out how to apply for such permission here.


  1. Submit your application in a timely manner and as completely as possible via or the TOOL application.
  2. Timely means:
    • Vessel-related authorisations: a minimum of 16 hours in advance, or longer as stated on the application form. Not including weekends and statutory holidays.
    • Permits for work on infrastructure: a minimum of 24 hours in advance. In the case of blasting work, a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Not including weekends and statutory holidays.
  3. Applications are processed on weekdays between 08h30 and 16h00.
  4. The party carrying out the work must always be in possession of the authorisation issued in order to be able to present it during an inspection.
  5. As soon as there are changes in the details provided about the works, a new application must be submitted.


In urgent cases , the Authorisations Desk can be reached on weekdays between 08h30 and 16h30 on +32 3 229 68 00.

After office hours, at weekends or on public holidays

Applications that reach the Authorisations Desk between 16.00 and 08.30, at weekends or on public holidays will only be processed in the event of urgency.


In urgent cases, we ask you to:


  1. Submit the application form via or via the TOOL application.
  2. Contact the Port Authority Supervisor (PAS) by telephone on +32 3 229 67 33 to explain the context of the urgency.


The Authorisations Desk reserves the right to refuse applications for works not submitted on time or not submitted correctly, or to process them with a lower priority.

Mandatory registration within lock perimeter

Do you have to enter the secure lock perimeter for work or a site visit? Starting from 1 July 2023, registration of all attendees and vehicles is mandatory. Because the TOOL application is not yet equipped for this, please use the registration form below.


On the form you fill in the surname, first name and date of birth of each person who will enter the lock perimeter. For vehicles, enter the type and number plate. You can fill out the document in advance or on site and hand it over to the bridge and lock keeper when you register.


Foto's van de onderhoudswerkzaamheden aan de zandvlietsluis. Concreet werd de onderrolwagen van de sluisdeur vervangen.

Collega's in beeld: 
Snels Dave (Brabo)
Jaimy Van de wiel
Mathias van de velden
Pieter van der wangen
Dirk De Bin
Bunny Van Bulck
Arne Van der avontuur
Bram eestermans

Registration form for persons and vehicles entering a secure lock perimeter. (Dutch only)

Registration form lock perimeter TOOL

Registration form for persons and vehicles entering a secure lock perimeter. (Dutch only)

Overview of various applications

HMO numberSurnameApplication (May 2022)Port InstructionPublication
HKD 14Bunker checklistform9.1.3 -
-Blasting work on structuresTOOL7.2.3 -
HKD 16Regulations for diving tasks below water lineform7.1.1May 2022
-Diving operations on port infrastructureTOOL7.2.2.1 -
-Repairs to port infrastructureTOOL7.2.2.1 -
-Repairs to port infrastructure: Seveso companiesTOOL7.2.2.3 -
HKD 18Repairs to port infrastructure: long-term permitform7.2.2 May 2022
HKD 19Passage bridges/passage with transit restrictionform 8.3.5May 2022
HKD 20Diving operations on ships and floating structuresform 7.2.1July 2022
HKD 21Immobilisation of vesselsform 8.1.14December 2022
-Stern-to mooring for infrastructure needsTOOL8.4.8.5 -
HKD 22Stern-to mooring for shipping needsform8.4.8.5May 2022
HKD 23Loading or unloading of more than 100 kg netform - -
HKD 25Lifeboat testingform6.1December 2022
HKD 26Ship-to-ship safety checklistform10.6.3 -
HKD 27LNG-ship-to-ship checklistform9.1.3 -
HKD 28LNG-truck-to-ship checklistform9.1.3-
HKD 29LNG terminal-to-ship checklistform9.1.3 -
HKD 37Waiting quay for tankers at non-tanker quaysform8.4.14July 2022
HKD 38 a LNG bunkering - truck-to-shipform9.1.4.2 January 2023
HKD 38 b LNG bunkering - ship-to-shipform9.1.4.2January 2023
HKD 39Individual authorisation on the ADRform10.2.5.3July 2022
HKD 40Ship calibration checklistform - -
HKD 41Chemicals bunkering checklistform10.6.3 -
HKD 42Deployment of UAS in geozoneDroneportal (if outage: form)5.1.1May 2023
HKD 42bRequest helicopter landing/take-off within EBR54form-March 2023
HKD 44Approved container terminalform10.1.1 -
HKD 50Port toursform-September 2022
HKD 51Checklist VGM planform-May 2022
HKD 53Registration fixed degassing installationform7.2.4.2June 2023
HKD 54Recognition request mobile degassing installationform7.2.4.2June 2023
HKD 55Degassing operation reportform7.2.4.2June 2023

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