At Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the import container process is conducted through the Certified Pick up virtual platform. This guarantees a secure, transparent and efficient release process for incoming containers, which will then leave the port by rail, inland navigation or truck.

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Digital, secure and integrated solution for the release of containers.

Certified Pick up is an application for container release at Antwerp container terminal. Using Certified Pick up is mandatory for all chain partners involved in this release process for containers. The application is a product from NxtPort, the company responsible for further digitalising processes in the port community. The legal framework is included in the Port Police Regulations. The shipping companies will grant a right of release to all their customers.

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Getting started!

Below is a brief overview of how to get started. For more information, please consult the comprehensive documentation on the NxtPort website (in English).

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Step 1: Get access to the Certified Pick up application

  • If you do not already have an account on C-point, first register your company and request access to Certified Pick up by following the steps in the manual above (in English).
  • If you do already have an account on C-point, log in and request access to the 'Certified Pick up' application, as explained in this section of the manual.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your application is approved. You can now proceed to Step 2.
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Step 2: Log in to the NxtPort console to complete your registration

  • Log in to the NxtPort console, accept the Terms and Conditions, and enter your billing and contact information to complete your account setup.
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Step 3: Getting started with Certified Pick up

Forwarders, BCOs and transport companies can implement the Certified Pick up process into their organisations in two ways:

How does Certified Pick up work?

The Certified Pick up platform receives and processes container information. Based on this information, it generates a certified handling based on identity, which the final carrier uses to pick up the container. This certified handling is only created when the final carrier is known. The time between the creation of this right and the handling of the container is therefore minimal.

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What are the benefits of Certified Pick up?

  • Transparent: In the first phase, the Certified Pick up platform ensures transparency regarding the container status, aimed at increasing the operational efficiency for every player in the chain.
  • Secure: In the second phase, the various chain partners switch over to the new processing method, namely collection based on identity instead of PIN codes. This will make it possible to trace which parties were involved in handling the container.
  • Efficient: Administrative processes are simplified, employees work more securely and the turnaround time for import containers at the port is reduced.
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For the latest developments, you can visit the NxtPort website directly.


NxtPort, a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, makes sharing data easier and more transparent. That way, all the players in the logistics chain will get the right information at the right time.

As a port, we are taking social responsibility with this initiative. I am delighted that the port community is getting on board to further secure the logistics chain.

Annick De RidderPort Alderwoman
Schepen Annick De Ridder

Rates and billing

Here you can see the contribution per container for the various parties using Certified Pick up, as well as the fees associated with connecting to the platform.

Infographic Tariffs & Invoices CPu

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