Pushed barge trackers allow pusher barge operators to easily share data about ther pushed barges such as the compostion of convoys and their location. Thanks to this increased transparancy, Port of Antwerp-Bruges and North Sea Port can optimize their lock schedules and owners and operators have acces to real-time data about their cargo.

Tracing barges for more safety and efficiency

Tracing dumb barges offers numerous advantages for pusher barge operators, waterway operators and port authorities alike. Since data are sent digitally, Port of Antwerp-Bruges and North Sea Port can all share them among themselves.

Tracking barges for more safety and efficiency

Tracking barges offers numerous advantages for the barge sector, and for the port and waterway authorities.

Because data is sent digitally, the ports of Antwerp and North Sea Port can share it among themselves. Thanks to increased transparency of the composition of convoys and the location of barges in ports and waterways, lock schedules are optimised.

Another direct result of this tracking is that safety in the ports and on the waterways is enhanced. It can be seen at any time which ship or convoy is where, and interventions can be made more quickly in the event of problems.

In addition, in the near future, barge operators will also benefit from having a tracker, given the (mandatory) introduction of digital notifications.


Finally, thanks to these trackers, owners and operators will have real-time data on the location of the barges. In the past, a barge operator or shipping company had to contact a skipper several times a day to request his position. Now the position of the barge can be plotted visually at a glance. This digital record is important for fulfilling rental contracts and can serve as evidence if an insurance claim is made.

This initiative is a collaboration between North Sea Port and Port of Antwerp-Bruges, with support from the Department of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish government.

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