Inland navigation application APICS Barge

The APICS Barge application makes your life as a bargemaster or fleet manager easier. Reporting when your ship sails in and out of the Antwerp port area, finding available moorings, and booking locks are done digitally.

Advantages APICS Barge application

Easy and efficient scheduling

With APICS Barge, you register prior to sailing and plan your course into the port of Antwerp. This preparation step avoids the need for numerous calls over the VHF channel.


  • Once you know your ship is destined for the port of Antwerp, you register it in APICS Barge. This means you no longer need to report when sailing into the port.
  • The app shows a list of available locks. You can book a slot at your desired lock based on your estimated arrival time. The procedure over the VHF channel is still followed when sailing into the locks.
  • Easily confirm your arrival at and departure from a mooring.
  • Do you know the details of your next sailing in advance? You can now also register these details completely digitally.
  • The ship owner can easily authorise another user to make bookings for the ship.


APICS Barge is compatible with other systems such as BICS and UAB online. All you need to do is add the point at which you will sail in and out of the Port of Antwerp. You only need to enter details once for sailing into the port, a lock passage, and arriving at the mooring.
It is still possible in exceptional cases to book a lock by telephone two hours in advance or on an ad-hoc basis.

Transparant information flow

APICS Barge collates information that was previously not available via the VHF channel. You are provided with a digital overview of the port status by means of an interactive map.


  • The map shows an overview of the moorings for inland navigation crafts and the level of occupancy of the seagoing vessels.
  • Useful facilities such as onshore power supply points and waste disposal sites are clearly shown.
  • Up-to-date information about the situation in the port of Antwerp, such as the status of locks and bridges, tides, and the current wind direction.
  • Registered ships can be tracked live.

The advantages in practice

Discover the advantages of APICS Barge according to Johan Faasse, inland shipping entrepreneur and user from the very beginning.

Testimonial of the APICS Barge application by inland navigation entrepreneur Johan Faasse.

How do I start using APICS Barge?

On the C-Point website you can find out how to register for APICS Barge and how the application works.

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