APICS Barge for your lock passages

APICS Barge makes your life as a bargemaster or fleet manager easier. The application offers many advantages when booking locks in Antwerp, and also for passage planning during the works on the Albert Canal.  

What is APICS Barge?

APICS Barge is the perfect digital solution for inland navigation in the port. Reporting when your vessel sails in and out of the port, finding available moorings, and booking locks in Antwerp can now all be done quickly and easily online. APICS Barge is available on a mobile app for smartphone/tablet and a web version for PC. 

Getting started with APICS Barge

Benefits of APICS Barge for lock passages

Using the APICS Barge application when booking a lock passage offers many additional benefits for inland navigation. Discover them here:

Book lock passages further in advance

With APICS Barge, you book locks between 3 and 12 hours in advance, allowing for flexible advance planning. If you need to go from the left bank to the right bank or vice versa, you can book your second lock passage immediately after you’ve booked your first lock passage.

Combine the mobile app and the web version

For example, as a skipper, you can set up your trip schedule using the web application when you are not sailing. Use the mobile app for quick registration of actions in the port itself, such as mooring and unmooring.

See the lock passage plan

As soon as lockage starts, you will see the lock passage plan. This gives you an overview of where each vessel will be in the lock. 

Receive instant notifications

As a skipper, you will receive immediate notification of any changes or issues regarding your lock booking, meaning you will always stay up to date.

Fixed lock passages for the Van Cauwelaert lock

The Van Cauwelaert lock operates with fixed lock passage times, going to the docks on the even hour and to the Scheldt on the odd hour.


Fixed lock passage times give you more certainty and clarity as an inland navigation skipper. You know when you need to be at the lock, when it closes and at what time you will sail out again on the other side. saving you time, and enabling you to sail more economically and make better use of your (private) time. 


The system is fairer, and more objective and neutral for everyone. The benefits become even greater when combined with the use of APICS Barge, as you can then book up to 12 hours in advance for available lock passages.

With APICS Barge, you book up to 12 hours in advance for released lock passages.

Passage planners for Albert Canal

As part of the Oosterweel works, there will be tunnels under the Albert Canal. During these works, the work zone will narrow the Albert Canal, allowing only one-way traffic. To ensure safe passage, we will organise shipping traffic. The work zone can be considered a virtual lock: Any vessel wishing to pass through the work zone will need to submit a request. 


With APICS Barge, you can submit a request as early as 24 hours in advance. The application also allows you to see your position in the convoy. As a waterway user, you can view the passage schedule for the next three hours, making it easier to anticipate on moments of heavy traffic during passage.


At times when traffic is very heavy, every vessel will be put on a list to define the moment of passage. The order on this list depends on the time that the passage was requested as well as the time of arrival in the arrival zone.

With APICS Barge, you submit a request for lock passage along the Oosterweel works as early as 24 hours in advance.

Overview of the VTS sectors in the Antwerp port area for maritime shipping.

Passage planning brochure

Overview of the VTS sectors in the Antwerp port area for maritime shipping.

The benefits in practice

Discover the benefits of the APICS Barge application explained by Johan Faasse, inland navigation skipper and user from the very beginning.

Testimonial of the APICS Barge application by inland navigation entrepreneur Johan Faasse.

How do I start using APICS Barge?

To use APICS Barge, you will need an account. Not got an account yet? Register below using the web version. Want to use the mobile app? Download the application and log in with your credentials. 


Pour des informations en français, cliquez ici.


Für Informationen auf Deutsch, klicken Sie hier.

APICS Barge application to facilitate smooth barge traffic

Step 1: Register

When you create an account, you need to select one or more applications for which your general account will be used. Once your application for access to APICS has been approved, you can start working with it immediately.

Step 2: Log in

Do you already have an account but no access to APICS yet? Log in here and request access to APICS.

Step 3: Download the app

The APICS Barge application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store under the name APICS Mobile. A web version is also available for the Chrome, Safari and Edge Chromium browsers. You need the user account created in Step 1 to log in.


How does APICS Barge work?

Curious as to how the application works? The video tutorials will show you how to get started. You will learn how to manage vessels and how to create a journey. The videos also explain how to choose a lock and how to view moorings. A comprehensive manual is available in the application in Dutch, French, German and English.

Watch the video tutorials
We explain to you step by step in video tutorials how the APICS Barge application works

All about APICS Barge in French and German

Tout savoir sur l'APICS Barge.

APICS Barge pour vos éclusages

Tout savoir sur l'APICS Barge.
Alles über APICS Barge.

APICS Barge für Ihre Schleusendurchfahrt

Alles über APICS Barge.

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Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


For support in using the application, you can email the APICS Barge team or contact them directly from within the application using the 'Report a problem' button. 


Your queries will be handled Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

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