The accessibility of Port of Antwerp-Bruges is important for the companies, customers and people who work there. In various parts of the port area we are working to improve the infrastructure for vehicle and cycle traffic. This causes temporary inconvenience from time to time. View the overview of all road works. 

Onderzoek in samenwerking met de UA naar duurzaam/sterk asfvalt door plaatsing van sensoren in het wegdek

In Antwerp

Overview of road works in the Antwerp port area.

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Onderzoek in samenwerking met de UA naar duurzaam/sterk asfvalt door plaatsing van sensoren in het wegdek

In Zeebrugge

Overview of road works in the Zeebrugge port area.

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Roadworks in Antwerp

In collaboration with Lantis and the Roads and Traffic Agency, we provide an overview of the construction sites that have the most impact on road traffic in and around the Antwerp port area. In this regard, we endeavour to keep the port as accessible as possible for all users, also during the works on the Oosterweel link

Overzicht van alle wegenwerken in het havengebied van Antwerpen.


Interactieve kaart met alle wegenwerken in het Antwerpse havengebied.

Roadworks in Antwerp

Interactieve kaart met alle wegenwerken in het Antwerpse havengebied.

More information on the works on the map

1. N70 Beveren - more information

2. N101 Scheldelaan: Boudewijn bridge - more information

3. N101 Scheldelaan-Kastelweg - more information

4. Royers lock: renovation - more information

5. R2: maintenance of the Tijsmans tunnel - more information

6. Zandvliet- en Berendrechtsluis: cycling interventions - more information

7. Liefkenshoek tunnel: concrete repair toll plaza - more information

8. Straatsburg dock: cables and pipes - more information

9. Hazopweg: road renovation - more information

10. Groenendaallaan: construction of bypass - more information

11. Optimization bike infrastructure before/after Van Cauwelaert Bridge - more information

12. Steenlandlaan: top layer renovation - more information

13. Moerstraat: sewage works and bike path construction - more information

14. Groenendaallaan: constriuction bypass (southern part) - more information

15. R2: maintenance/renovation Beveren tunnel - more information

16. Oosterweel junction - more information

N101 Scheldelaan: Replacement of the Boudewijn bridge


The Boudewijn bridge will be replaced by a new bridge. Disruption is expected until end of 2023.



If the Meestoof bridge is raised, freight traffic (+3.5t) has to wait; other traffic can drive over the lock gate.

N101 Various works near Zandvliet and Berendrecht Lock

The next few years many works are planned on and around the Zandvliet-Berendrecht lock complex, including maintenance work on the road surface, on bridges, on the Berendrecht lock, works for safer cycling infrastructure, the construction of a new ACC between the locks, the renovation of the Europa terminal, a high-voltage power line along Scheldelaan, works on the public lighting on Scheldelaan,... 

Currently, there are no works causing traffic disruption.

Hazopweg: road renovation

The works are finished.

Road safety near Van Cauwelaert bridge (N101)

Period:  20 November till 1 December

Improvements to road safety near Van Cauwelaert bridge.



From 20 November till 1 December, traffic +3.5 tonnes cannot cross the lock complex. 

Terminals and companies South of the locks can be reached via exit 16 (Ekeren) on the Ring. Businesses North of the locks can be reached via the R2, exit 12 (Lillo). 


Traffic up to 3.5 tonnes will drive over the lock gates. Maximum speed is limited to 30 km/h. 

Traffic situation -3.5 tons


Traffic situation +3.5 tons.


Ekersedijk - Noorderlaan (N180)

Project: Reconstruction of Ekersedijk, construction of section of cycle highway F12.



Phase 2: until 16 October

At the junction with Ekersedijk, only one lane is available in each direction on Noorderlaan. There are temporary traffic lights and the speed limit is 50 km/h.


Phase 3: 17 October untill 15 December

In Ekersedijk there is alternating traffic regulated with traffic lights.


Cyclists beware: from 18 December to the end of March 2024, the cycle path along the Putten in Ekeren will be closed to convert it into a cycle highway. Detour via Transcontinentaalweg.



Project: The railway crossing on Schoorhavenweg near the intersection with Hoogschoorweg needs urgent repairs. 


Timing: from November 25 to December 3


Hindrance: . Schoorhavenweg will be completely closed at the railway crossing. Cyclists can still pass the construction site. 


During the works, the docks on the Left Bank cannot be reached from junction 10 (Vrasene) on the E34. Detour via the R2.


Scheldelaan (N101) high-voltage cables

Project: Elia is laying two underground high-voltage cables north of Lillo.


Timing: November 2023 until October 2024


Hindrance: On a part of the Scheldelaan, only 1 lane in each direction is available.


All info on Elia’s website



Periodic maintenance Liefkenshoek Tunnel


Dates of these maintenance works are listed on the Liefkenshoek Tunnel website.


Attention: urgent repairs in the tunnel in the direction of Ghent are planned in the weekend of 15-17 December. In a first fase, the tunnel will be closed in the direction of Ghent. Later only one lane will be available (max. width 4 m).

Exact timings and the most recent information about these works can be found on the same webpage.

Bicycle path Noorderlaan (N180)

Project: Lantis improves the bike path


In September and October near the Tijsmanstunnel.  This will reduce access to the Noorderlaan stop of the bicycle bus (De Fietsbus).


From mid-October until the end of December from the entrance to the Goordijk truck parking to about 250m past the entrance to the Antwerp North marshalling yard..


Most recent information about dates and diversions on the Lantis website.

Road surface Noorderlaan (N180)

Project: AWV renews the road surface between Muisbroeklaan and the entrance to Antwerp North marshalling yard


Period: scheduled from 14 - 28 November and from 6 - 22 December

Intersection Oosterweelsteenweg - Kastelweg

Lantis is relocating a section of the Oosterweelsteenweg and adapting the intersection with Kastelweg. The intersection will be completely closed, except for cyclists.

Period: scheduled for the weekend of 8-9-10 December.

More info on the Lantis webpage.

Lillo bridge not available

Lillo bridge is not available for trains, road transport and cyclists.

Cyclists can use the “bike bus” to cross the Kanaaldok.

Onderzoek in samenwerking met de UA naar duurzaam/sterk asfvalt door plaatsing van sensoren in het wegdek

Roadworks in Zeebrugge

Traffic disruptions in E. Decloedtweg

E. Decloedtweg is the connecting road between N300 and N350, paralell with the A11.



Preliminary works for a planned truck parking.



Phase 2: Since March 2023

Traffic is possible in E. Decloedtweg, but work traffic may cause hinderance to other traffic.


Phase 3: November 2023

From 6 November until 1 December, only traffic from west (N350) to east (N300) is allowed in E. Decloedtweg. 

From 4 until 8 December, E. Decloedtweg is completely closed for traffic. 

Diversion via N300, N34 and N350.


Phase 4

Untill the spring of 2024, traffic is possible in E. Decloedtweg, but work traffic may cause hindrance to other traffic.

Cycling lane on J. Verschaveweg

The works are finished and the bicycle path is in use.

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