Antwerp@C is a project dedicated to innovative CO₂ reduction. Together with seven leading chemical and energy companies, we are working on the transition to a circular and climate neutral port.

Working together towards innovative CO2 reduction

The capture and storage of CO₂ (Carbon Capture & Storage, CCS) and, over time, the reuse of CO₂ as a raw material for various applications (Carbon Capture & Utilisation, CCU) are seen as important steps in the transition to a carbon-neutral port.


As such, we are joining forces with seven leading players from the energy and chemical sectors. Together with Air Liquide, BASF, Borealis, ExxonMobil, INEOS, Fluxys and Total Energies, we are working on innovative CO₂ reduction. The project Antwerp@C has the potential to reduce the CO₂ emissions in Antwerp by half between now and 2030.

With Antwerp@C, we have the key to an innovative cross-border CCUS project, a first in terms of its concept and scale. 

Jacques Vandermeiren CEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges

How will Antwerp@C reduce CO₂ emissions?

Antwerp is home to the largest integrated energy and chemical cluster in Europe. This makes it the perfect location for creating new inter-company collaborations and reducing CO₂. How will Antwerp@C do this?


It all starts with the capture and local transport of CO₂. This requires pipelines, a joint CO₂ liquefaction plant, intermediate storage units, etc. Because Belgium does not have the suitable subsoil to store CO₂ underground, international cooperation will be necessary. Firstly, to transport CO₂ across borders, and secondly, to store it permanently, for example in empty gas fields under the sea.


Antwerp@C envisages two possibilities for cross-border CO₂ transport infrastructure. In the first phase, the CO₂ is shipped in liquid form to empty gas fields in the North Sea area. In a second phase, Antwerp@C will also explore the possibility of transporting CO₂ by pipeline to the Netherlands.


Antwerp@C is a project dedicated to innovative CO2 reduction.

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