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Hotspot for pioneers

NextGen District will host a number of interesting players within the circular industry:


The TripleHelix project SurePUre is a pilot factory for the recycling of polyurethane foam and PET dishes, which are converted into polyols. These pure chemicals can then be reused, for example in the production of new polyurethane products. The factory will be fully circular and self-sufficient in terms of energy.


TripleHelix contribution' contribution to the circular economy makes Port of Antwerp-Bruges a sustainable business platform.

Bolder Industries

Bolder Industries' proprietary material science process repurposes the chemicals in end-of-life tires for rubber, plastic, and petrochemicals supply chains and their new product outputs. 


In this recovery process, 98% of the tire's materials are utilized and 75% of the solids and liquids make their way back into new tires, manufactured rubber goods, and plastics.


With the Waterkracht Project, Ekopak will install a progressive water plant that will convert the wastewater from the inhabitants of Antwerp treated by Aquafin into the much higher quality level of sustainable cooling water that the companies in the port can reuse. 


At full capacity, the plant will produce up to 3,000m³/hr of sustainable cooling and process water so that minimum 20 billion litres of wastewater can be reused on an annual basis.


PureCycle Technologies will build its first polypropylene recycling facility in Europe in the NextGen District. The new plant will have an annual capacity of 59,000 metric tons (130 million pounds), with opportunities to expand operations in the future since the 14-hectare plot can support up to four processing lines with a total capacity of ~240,000 metric tons (~500 million pounds) per year.


PureCycle Technologies' contribution to the circular economy makes Port of Antwerp-Bruges a sustainable business platform.

Integration of industrial and chemical cluster

NextGen District is located in an industrial environment, close to the largest integrated petrochemical cluster in Europe. This allows for interaction with existing companies and suppliers. This cluster-enhancing effect provides a competitive advantage to both new and existing businesses.

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