Mandatory MFA at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Monday 18 March 2024, Port of Antwerp-Bruges will start rolling out mandatory Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for logging in to your personal dashboard.

Why MFA?

As a port authority and critical infrastructure, we are committed to the safety of our systems and their users. MFA ensures that we have more certainty about the identity of the person who logs in. This also protects you as a user, because no one can pretend to be you.

By logging in with Multi Factor Authentication, you reduce the risk of fraude.

How can you authenticate?

After logging in, you will have the choice to receive a verification code via your e-mail address or an authenticator app. For this, you can use any standard authenticator app, such as those of Goofle and Microsoft. Consult the guide about configuring authenticator apps.


For applications where you can now login with just your username andpassword, you will have to supply your verification code only once a month, as long as you use the same browser on the same device.


Before you can set up the authenticator app, a one-time password will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account. Then you will be presented with a QR code that allows you to link your account to the chosen app.


We recommend using a personal e-mail address whenever possible. If your account it is linked with an e-mail address that multiple people have access to, we recommend that you coordinate with your colleagues when setting up the MFA. The e-mails sent with the one-time passwords do not mention which user is concerned.

Certified Pick up is a digital platform for the secure and efficient handling of the container import process.

In case of problems you can reach us via support@c-point.be or via the helpdesk.


If you do not receive e-mails about the one-time verification code or the codes for setting up the app, please first check if they arrived in the spam or quarantine folders and also check with your own IT department if they might be blocked in some capacity.

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