LNG bunkering activities in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Due to the energy crisis, the price of LNG increased in recent years, resulting in lower bunkering volumes. Since late 2022, however, we have seen the LNG bunkering market rebound. Leading the way are the successful bunkering operations with SIMOPS at the Euroports terminal in Antwerp (by bunkering operator Titan) and KAIROS in Zeebrugge. In addition, we are seeing increasing numbers of LNG-powered newbuild ships, especially among container and RORO ships.

LNG-bunkering in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

There are various parties active in both Antwerp and Zeebrugge, offering LNG and Bio LNG bunkering activities with smooth and safe procedures. Bunkering can take place either by truck or bunker ship. LNG significantly reduces emissions of harmful particulate matter, sufur and nitrogen oxides while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is an ideal fuel for a stepping stone to a low-carbon future.

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The LNG bunkering ship of Titan LNG provides fuel to a RORO ship.©Dirk Neyts

Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to be the bunkering port of the future

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is securing its position as a bunkering port worldwide by actively promoting the use of alternative fuels. This is how we become a Multi Fuel Port. Currently, ships are bunkering over 6 million metric tonnes of conventional fuels annually at the port, such as low-sulphur oil or gas oil. When we see an increase in market demand for bunkering alternative fuels, such as LNG, ammonia, methanol or hydrogen, both platforms are ready for this.


We are therefore developing a clear framework for shipping companies, bunkering companies, industry and terminals that facilitates bunkering operations and investment decisions. Port of Antwerp-Bruges acts as facilitator where possible and is itself committed to improving the sustainability of its fleet using alternative fuels. The new enforcement vessels can also run fully electric or as hybrid. Plus, the Hydrotug and Methatug will sail out in 2023, the world's first-ever tugs powered by hydrogen and methanol!

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