Investment in terminal for project cargo

PSA Breakbulk, a joint venture between PSA and the Felbermayr group, is investing 10 million euros in a new logistics heavy lift hub at the Churchill Dock. This is a complete project cargo ecosystem designed to serve as a one-stop shop for large-scale project shipments and industrial projects.

One-stop shop

The investments included sustainable energy infrastructure, flooring for the heavy lift quay and a new crane with a lifting capacity of 750 tons. This gives the terminal the largest lifting capacity on a permanent basis at the port of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.


Customers loading and unloading goods here can use services on and around the concession. Adjacent companies like Deufol or AProjects offer value-added services, such as packaging services or warehousing. This collaboration with various parties is important in order to offer the strongest possible conceptual solution from the port of Antwerp.

Initial projects


One of the first shipments at the terminal was the Baltic Eagle. A large 'power outlet' on a five-storey platform. This will combine energy from wind turbines on the Baltic Sea and provide electricity for 500,000 German households. For this project, PSA Breakbulk facilitated the necessary engineering works and material supply for some one hundred contractors.


The site will house the marshalling activities for the Ineos Project One for the next several years. To that end, PSA Breakbulk is working with Gosselin and Sarens, among others.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges welcomes the investment in the Churchill Dock, which will increase the range of services available to the breakbulk industry.

The Baltic Eagle is a large 'power outlet' on a five-storey platform that will combine energy from wind turbines on the Baltic Sea and provide electricity for 500,000 German households.

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