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Get an overview of the estimated time of Arrival (ETA) of seagoing vessels as well as cargo opening times at the Maritime Terminals in Antwerp. If you want to know more about the times when deep-sea vessels will arrive, or when you can drop of or pick up your container, this website will provide you with the most recently available data on these topics. 


Throughout this document we will refer several times to the BaseUrl.

The BaseUrl for this API is

ETA Terminal

Used for retrieving the vessel ETA data of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges 


GET - {{baseULR}}//eta-terminal/v1/

Swagger link

Header parameters

The following parameters need to be sent as header parameters when making the request to the API: 

  • Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key - Your API key, which can be found in the Console
  • Authorization - Bearer {{TOKEN}} - More information on how to obtain the token can be found in "Getting started"

Request parameters

portLoCodeUN LoCodeBEANR
terminalOperatorCodeCompany operating one or more terminalsMPET
terminalCodeTerminal accepting vesselsK1742
vesselNameName of specific vesselMSC VITTORIA
imoImo of specific vessel929955
etaFromETA must be greater than2023-07-027T14:00:00

Valid portLoCode


Valid terminalOperatorCode

  • DPW
  • PSA
  • MPET
  • CSPZ

Valid terminalCode

  • K869
  • K913
  • K1700
  • K1742
  • K1718
  • K120-K124

Response Structure

The API will return an array of flat json objects.

portLoCodeUN LoCodeBEZEE
terminalOperatorCodeCompany operating one or more terminalsCSPZ
terminalCodeTerminal accepting vesselsK120-K124
vesselNameName of specific vesselOOCL Piraeus
imoImo of specific vessel9908097
voyageOutOutgoing voyage number assigned by port23001
etaEstimated time of arrival2023-07-27T20:24:00
ataActual time of arrival2023-07-27T20:24:00
etdEstimated time of departure2023-07-29T14:00:00
cargoOpeningGeneral cargo opening time2023-07-20T00:00:00
cargoOpeningReefersCargo opening time for reefers2023-07-20T02:00:00

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