Bathymetric Survey API documentation

The Bathymetric Survey API is a direct access API, shared in the context of the EU directive on Open Data. The data is not under specific sharing control and can be accessed by anybody who subscribes to the API. 


This data is created by the Port Authority for purposes that form part of the public role of the Port Authority, namely: safe navigation through the port area. This does not guarantee that the information is suitable for other purposes. 


The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority provides the information on an ‘as is’ basis, without any guarantees as to the completeness or correctness of the information. The user knows and acknowledges that these are snapshots, which are always subject to change.  


  1. Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority cannot be held responsible for any damage, regardless of its nature or legal qualification, incurred by the user and/or by third parties as a result of the use (or reuse) of this information. The use (or reuse) of the information by the user or by third parties is at the user or those third parties' own risk. 
  2. The user undertakes to implement the necessary measures to avoid any unlawful use (or reuse) of the information. The user undertakes not to act in any way that may create the impression that he is acting on behalf of the Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority or that the use (or reuse) of the data has been granted by virtue of any official status or approval by the Antwerp Port Authority. When using (or reusing) the work, the user must implement measures to avoid infringement of the applicable legislation governing the protection of personal data, or any other legal provision. 
  3. The user undertakes to include a source reference as specified by the Port Authority, each time that the information is used (or reused). 
  4. The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority retains all intellectual property rights to the information. The permitted use (or reuse) of the information is not exclusive. 


Throughout this document, we will refere several times to the BaseURL for the API. The BaseURL for this API is:

API Integration

The swagger of the API can be found at the following location: NxtPort API Definitions


The following parameters need to be sent as header parameters when making a request to the API: 

  • Ocp-APim-Subscription-Key – Your API key, which can be found in the console
  • Authorization – Bearer {{Token}} – More information on how to obtain the token can be found in “Getting Started”.


The API has 3 endpoints, namely:

  • endpoint to obtain all locations for which survey data can be obtained. These are known as "infrastructure codes". 
  • endpoint to obtain all survey data for a specific location, by specifying the infrastructure code as a parameter in the request. 
  • endpoint to obtain all survey data that was updated after a specific date. This date is to be included as a parameter in the request and cannot be a date longer than 1 month in the past.  

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