Antwerp cycling master plan

Cycling is an important link in commuting and improving mobility in and around the port. To further increase the number of cyclists, every business must have safe and convenient access. This is why Port of Antwerp-Bruges is investing in safe and unobstructed cycle lanes in asphalt to every company.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges


10/06/2021 - 31/12/2030


Various locations in the port area


The cycling infrastructure master plan project invests more than 40 million euros in smooth and safe access to the Antwerp port area by bicycle. 


The aim:

  • a safe and clear asphalt cycle lane to every company by 2030
  • an extensive and coherent network of cycle paths in the port area
The construction of the circular cycle path at Zomerweg.


The project will run in two major phases over five years.

  • 2022-2026: focus on new cycle paths on streets where there is no cycle path today
  • 2027-2031: improve and widen existing cycle paths that do not meet future standards


  • Cycle path construction
  • Along with other works
  • Major local disruption expected with more than six months of major impact on accessibility and traffic flow

GIP Left bank to Molenweg along the railway

  • Cycle path construction
  • Limited local disruption expected

Intersection Blauwhoefstraat with Antwerpse baan

  • Intersection redesign
  • Limited local disruption expected


  • Cycle path construction
  • Limited local disruption expected

Intersection Scheldelaan with railroad crossing RO18

  • Cycle path construction
  • Limited local disruption expected


  • Cycle path construction
  • Limited local disruption expected

Which cycle paths have already been laid?

From 2021 to 2023, the following areas have already received new or improved cycle paths:

  • Zomerweg cycle path
  • Improvement of cycle lane near Van Cauwelaert Bridge
  • Areas of cycle path to eliminate bottlenecks – Sint-Antoniusweg neighbourhood
  • Muisbroeklaan cycle path
  • Moerstraat cycle path and modification of Moerstraat and Noorderlaan intersection
  • Boterhamvaartweg cycle path
  • Safer bike crossings with railways at several locations in the port area
  • Zandvliet and Berendrecht locks (still under construction)
  • Rostockweg cycle path (still under construction)
  • Cycle path along Scheldelaan near Boudewijnweg (still under construction)


The port companies and other stakeholders such as Infrabel, police and the Roads and Traffic Agency are involved in the project. Along with Smart ways to Antwerp, we encourage all port employees to cycle to work

Go to the Smart ways to Antwerp website

Some of the cycle paths of the Antwerp cycling plan receive support from Europe and Flanders via the Copenhagen Plan.

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