What is a maiden call?

Ships moor and unmour in our port every day. Not only old acquaintances, but also new faces regularly make their way through the waterways of Antwerp and Zeebrugge. A maiden call indicates the moment when a ship reaches a specific port or destination for the first time.

A warm welcome

A maiden call rarely proceeds without a special plaque and key ceremony. During this official (festive) gathering, the port representative involved and the ship's captain exchange a unique (name) plaque as a symbolic welcome gift. in the martime world, the godspeed plaque expresses a wish for a safe and successful voyage. In addition to hte name, the plaque often includes the year of construction, shipyard and other important info (a historical person or milestone) about the ship.

More than a trip

Despite their similarities, the terms maiden call and maiden trip have different meanings. A maiden trip refers not so much to a ship's first visit to a port, but to the first voyage that the (refurbished or newley built) vessel makes. Moreover, this trip signals the start of its operational services in the future. Shipping companies consider a maiden trip the ideal opportunity to introduce the vessel to potential customers.

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