New intermodal connection: 2 SEAS TRAIN Zeebrugge - Bari

From 11 October, GTS offers a new rail shuttle between Zeebrugge and Bari. With a distance of 2000 km covered in 48 hours it is the longest freight train connection in Europe and moves 5 million km of road transport to rail every year.

  • Destination: Bari-Zeebrugge
  • Mode: rail
  • Operator: GTS
  • Traction: GTS in Italy / BLS for the rest of the journey
  • Starting date: 11 October 2022
  • Frequency: 1x per week, 3x per week as from December 2022
  • Booking: sales@gtslogisticnl.com
  • Contact: Nick Ashman - 0031 107371385


From Bari, there are further connections to Greece, Turkey and Albania. From Zeebrugge your cargo travels onwards to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia.

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The new rail shuttle of GTS connects Bari and Zeebrugge in only 48 hours.
The new rail shuttle connects Zeebrugge and Bari.

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