Discover the updated Nautical Messages

Today Port of Antwerp-Bruges is launching the updated Nautical Messages for the Antwerp port area. This way we inform port users better and more specifically about all nautical nuisances in a user-friendly way. 

What will change?

We now use the European NtS standard (Notices to Skippers). This ensures that messages are displayed in navigation systems on board inland shipping or the systems of other waterway authorities. They will also receive an automatic translation. 


In addition, from now on, on the Port of Antwerp-Bruges website you can:

  • consult the messages in list view
  • consult the messages visually on a map.
  • easily filter and search through the current messages. 
  • subscribe and choose which nautical messages you wish to receive.
List view with all Nautical Messages applicable for the Antwerp port area.

How to proceed?

Subscribe to the Nautical Messages by filling in the form. Also choose which messages you wish to receive.


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