Where can I find the Port House of Antwerp/Zeebrugge?

A visit to the Port House in Antwerp and the ABC Tower in Zeebrugge is a unique way to discover the port. The addresses of both buildings can be found below.

Havenhuis Antwerpen

The Port House is located in the north of Antwerp, on the border with the Antwerp port area. It is the headquarters of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority. The structure by Zaha Hadid Architects combines the existing historic fire station with a modern superstructure.


The address is Zaha Hadidplein 1, 2030 Antwerp.

The Port House is the headquarters of the Port Authority of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

ABC-gebouw Zeebrugge


The ABC building on Rederskaai is a versatile eight-storey building in the heart of Zeebrugge. This joint project of Artes Depret NV and Port of Antwerp-Bruges houses both a cruise terminal, a visitors' centre, a shop and several multipurpose rooms.


The address is Rederskaai 60/61, 8380 Bruges.


The ABC building houses a cruise terminal, a visitor centre, a shop and several multipurpose halls.

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