Port fees are the entrance ticket you buy from the Port Authority to stay at the port and consist out of 2 parts, namely tonnage dues on the basis of gross tonnage and mooring rights on the basis of (un)loaded goods. Rates depend on the type of ship, length of stay and location, among other factors. In addition, the Port Authority grants discounts based on such factors as frequency of calls and sustainability. The exact regulations and conditions can be found in the various tariff regulations

The revenues from these port fees are used by the Port Authority to ensure operational effectiveness and to set up and develop strategic projects.Operational effectiveness includes the management and maintenance of port infrastructure. Another part of this income goes towards the implementation of strategic and future-oriented projects such as better access to the port through different modes of transport and projects for making the port platform more sustainable. 


The Port Authority adjusts these rates and regulations annually. This takes place based on evolutions in society, the economy, the business cycle and the maritime sector. In doing so, it also takes into account the questions and concerns of the public and private sectors such as agencies, the shipping companies and port organisations. 

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Port Dues

Port Dues Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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