Do I need to apply for a permit to capture water in the port?

It is in everyone's interest that sufficient and clean water flows through the docks of the port. The port must remain accessible to all ships and companies must also be able to continue to operate at all times, even in periods of drought. Achieving good water quality is an important precondition for this. As a waterway manager, Port of Antwerp-Bruges monitors these objectives. It is therefore in everyone's interest that a permit is requested for each water intake from the docks. This can be done by sending an e-mail to

Water capture of less than 500 m³ is free.


For captures of more than 500 m³, the bill is calculated as stipulated in the decree of 21 December 2021, section IV art. 45. The indexed rates can be found on the website of De Vlaamse Waterweg (the Flemish agency for waterway managment). This legislation is currently under review. A new pricing will come into effect from January.

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