The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority plays an important role in the day-to-day operation of Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Around 1,800 employees work day and night providing customer-oriented services, optimal infrastructure, innovative projects and the promotion of the port at home and abroad. Together they are committed to strengthening the role of Port of Antwerp-Bruges as a sustainable world port. Our mission? Port of Antwerp-Bruges, home port as a lever for a sustainable future

What does the Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority do?

The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority operates the port of Antwerp and Bruges and has four roles to play in this regard. As a landlord, operator, regulator and community builder.


As landlord, the Port Authority has the task of granting concessions to companies that are looking to set up in the port. 


As an operator, we provide shipping guidance and nautical services. We want to make these services not only more effective, but also more sustainable.


As a regulator, we lay down the necessary lines with clear rules and agreements. That way, we provide a predictable framework for our customers. 

Community builder

As a community builder, we have a leading role and engage in dialogue with parties inside and outside the port community to set things in motion and devise concrete solutions, to make the port area more efficient, safer and more sustainable. 

Organisation chart

The organization chart provides an overview of the Leadership team and the Extended Leadership team at Port of Antwerp-Bruges.


The organization chart provides an overview of the Leadership team and the Extended Leadership team at Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Our values: daring, simplicity and connection


Entrepreneurship is about never staying still. Doing what you do as well as possible, while looking for ways to improve things. Being the first to explore unknown territory, with all senses alert. Daring is about daring to be yourself and taking responsibility for thinking and doing.



We attach importance to clear language and transparent processes. As ambitious as we are in our mission, we are practical on the workfloor. With a healthy dose of common sense and a critical eye to not make things more difficult than they are, we ensure smooth cooperation and strong and sustainable solutions.



As a Port Authority we connect people, as a port we connect worlds. We engage with customers, stakeholders and society. With each other. With an open attitude and respect for all, together we strive for excellence and realise extraordinary projects.

Mission and vision

We aim to be a world port that reconciles people, climate and economy. Together with our partners and customers, we actively seek sustainable solutions. We dare to be pioneers and bring about a transition in the field of mobility, energy and digitisation.


We enable society, our partners, customers and employees to grow through our focus on cooperation, locally and internationally. We trust each other and work in networks where we develop and apply new insights and alternatives.


As such, we connect all the locations of Port of Antwerp-Bruges into a unique hub in global trade and industry, with the unmistakable feeling of a home port. Solid yet agile, we work every day to create the port of tomorrow.

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Business plan

To give substance to our mission and vision, we have developed a strategy for the coming years. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is more than the sum of two ports. It is the place where change begins. As a unified port, we are preparing for a sustainable future. Together we are stronger to face challenges.


Our main activity remains the operation of the port. It is only when everything is running smoothly that there is room to look to the future via a strategic plan. We want to continue striving for excellence and, as a world port, respond flexibly to the rapidly evolving maritime market. But it's not just about economics. We also have an essential social role: we are a port of people, for people. We aim to be the first world port that reconciles people, climate and economy. To this end, collaboration and connection are the keys to success.


As a Port Authority, we want to take a leadership role. Together with our subsidiaries, every day. Wherever we can make an impact, we will. We are investing in a sustainable future for our port, our environment, our customers, our economy and for our planet. We keep our finger on the pulse. And if necessary, we change tack.

Subsidiaries of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

The importance of optimising logistics processes is only growing in ports. Various subsidiaries of Port of Antwerp-Bruges are bringing the modal shift, energy transition and the exchange of data and knowledge a little closer. Port of Antwerp-Bruges International together with APEC-Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center offer consultancy and training.


NxtPort makes sharing data in the logistical chain easier and more transparent. In the context of the modal shift and energy transition, Railport and Pipelink play a key role. 

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Port of Antwerp-Bruges International

Growing economic regions and ports such as India, Brazil, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia often need guidance in developing their port and logistics infrastructure. Port of Antwerp-Bruges International helps them build ports in a professional, efficient and sustainable way.

APEC-Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center

The APEC-Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center is an international training institute for port and maritime affairs. It focuses on knowledge transfer to professionals through seminars, customised training, study visits and lectures, on-site or online. The courses offer an ideal mix of theory and practice in which port professionals can interactively hone their expertise on port, maritime and logistics issues.


All the players in the logistics chain have information that they exchange with each other. NxtPort makes sharing this data easier and more transparent. It is a platform that enables the secure exchange of data from different apps with different players. That way, all the players in the logistics chain get the right information at the right time.


The Bulkchain application makes administrative processes in the breakbulk sector faster and smoother. Certified Pick up (CPu), in turn, provides a digital, secure and integrated solution for the release of containers. 

NxtPort International

To further support the international expansion of the NxtPort platform, NxtPort opened offices in Singapore and Delaware in 2021. 

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Railport focuses on improving rail transport in the port, including intermodal container transport. The goal is to double the share of rail transport in the coming years. 


Pipelink manages more than 720 kilometers of pipelines in Antwerp and ensures access to this network that is open to all users. Pipelines are the most environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and safe mode of transport and play a key role in the energy transition.  

Facts and figures


Facts and figures

Een wereldhaven die economie, mens en klimaat verzoent.

Fact sheet - Nederlands

Een wereldhaven die economie, mens en klimaat verzoent.
A world port that reconciles economy,
people and climate.

Fact sheet - English

A world port that reconciles economy, people and climate.
Un port mondial qui concilie économie,
population et climat.

Fact sheet - Français

Un port mondial qui concilie économie, population et climat.
Ein Welthafen der Wirtschaft, Menschen
und Klima in Einklang bringt.

Fact sheet - Deutsch

Ein Welthafen der Wirtschaft, Menschen und Klima in Einklang bringt.

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