The Certified Pick up system is gradually reaching cruising speed. This system ensures that you can pick up containers from the terminals at the Antwerp port platform based on identity instead of using PIN codes. This is a priority when it comes to the port's digital security. For this reason, we have already carried out many optimisations last year and are doubling down on this in 2023.

A bright customs light

Certified Pick up provides greater transparency about a container's delivery process. In this regard, customs status is a major factor. Along with the users in the port community, customs, NxtPort, and Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we have improved and extended the customs light of a container (CCRM). This transparent customs light will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Customs is an important safety check in the import chain of containers.

Uniform operating procedure

Different partners in the supply chain have a different process for importing a container. Standardisation is required in order to achieve an optimum digital process.


We have identified these different import processes and found ourselves able to establish a uniform operating procedure. This was necessary in order to digitalise the process and make it more efficient. These processes will soon be available as manuals and guidelines by user role.

Who is on board?

Certified Pick up currently operates for collection by truck at PSA's terminals (K 869 and 913). DP World Antwerp Gateway and MPET will follow shortly. Just about all the shipping companies are connected. A total of about 2,000 companies have already been registered. In the next phase, we will also implement this for inland navigation and rail.

Currently Certified Pick up operates for collection by truck at PSA's terminals. Almost all shipping companies are connected and about 2,000 companies have already been registred.

Start using Certified Pick up today!

A multidisciplinary team from Port of Antwerp-Bruges and NxtPort, along with the port community, will ensure the further roll-out and optimisations of Certified Pick up throughout 2023. We are now calling upon people to register and actively use the system in order to smooth the transition away from PIN codes shortly

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