Sustainability and SDGs

Port of Antwerp-Bruges wants future generations to also enjoy the prosperity and jobs that the port creates. By putting people, the environment and the climate central, we are working towards a sustainable port.


That way, the port grows in harmony with the world around us.

Reconciling economy, people, and climate

Port of Antwerp-Bruges aims to be the first world port that reconciles people, climate and the economy. To achieve this goal, we are pushing the boundaries. With innovations that make the port greener and keep it accessible.


By 2030, more freight will be transported by rail, inland navigation and pipelines. We are helping to bring about the transition to a circular and low carbon economy. By 2050, Port of Antwerp-Bruges must be a climate-neutral port. That's what we're going for! We hope to inspire others by showing how we are doing it.

Policy driven by sustainability

Port of Antwerp-Bruges has developed a sustainability policy with ambitions by 2030 in the areas of climate, health, safety, innovation, gender equality, inclusion, etc. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the guiding principles in this regard. 

SDG 17 – Partnerships, is the key to achieving our ambitions. As a community builder, we engage with the port community and connect people, companies, NGOs and knowledge institutions. By working together, we achieve the best results.

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More than 100 employees participated in workshops in 2019 to develop clear ambitions and measurable minimum goals for all 17 SDGs. For five SDGs that go to the heart of the port and on which we have the greatest impact, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is aiming for more. The sustainability policy and business plan of Port of Antwerp-Bruges are built around these five core SDGs: health & welfare, work & economic growth, innovation, sustainable cities & communities and climate action.

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