Shore power for inland navigation

Using shore power allows you to be more efficient with energy on board your inland navigation ship compared with the conventional use of a generator for electricity.

A safe shore power connection for your inland navigation ship

Some inland navigation ships experience technical difficulties in connecting to shore power. A useful aid for safely using shore power is the NBN-EN 15869-3:2019 standard.


Inland navigation ships that meet this standard can connect to shore power without any problems.


Check below whether your inland navigation ship has the right equipment on board.

Walstroomaansluiting voor binnenschip
Walstroomaansluiting voor de binnenvaart

1. Compliant installation

Shore power cabinets in the port of Antwerp have been installed in accordance with the NBN-EN 15869 standard.


2. IP67 shore power cable or plug

The IP67 shore power cable or shore power plug guarantees a water and dust-proof, but above all safe, shore power connection between your ship and the shore power cabinet.

3. Isolation transformer

The isolation transformer prevents electrolytic corrosion of your ship and at the same time guarantees the safe operation of your installations on board.


4. Soft-start switch

The soft-start switch built into the isolation transformer ensures that the current is turned on gradually when coupled, preventing the on-shore fuse from being overloaded.


If one or more components are missing on your ship, you can apply here for a subsidy since September 2022 via VLAIO's Ecology premium plus. SMEs can benefit from a subsidy of 50% and large businesses can receive a subsidy for 40% of the purchase price. On the Ecology premium plus website, you can also find the terms and conditions and the procedure to follow to receive the subsidy.


Download the full technology list from Ecology Premium, to which the shore power connection on the ship's side of an inland navigation ship was added (technology number 201090).

Als één of meerdere onderdelen ontbreken op jouw schip, kan je hier sinds september 2022 een subsidie voor aanvragen via de Ecologiepremie+ van VLAIO.

In de limitatieve technologielijst van het Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen vind je alle technologieën die in aanmerking komen voor een Ecologiepremie (Only available in Dutch)

Restricted technology list Ecology premium plus

In de limitatieve technologielijst van het Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen vind je alle technologieën die in aanmerking komen voor een Ecologiepremie (Only available in Dutch)

The benefits of shore power at a glance

  • The running hours of your generator are reduced. You save on the maintenance and life of your generator.
  • Using shore power avoids inefficient production of electricity through your diesel generator: so you save on your energy bill.
  • Living on and off shore becomes so much more pleasant: you don't breathe in harmful substances and you reduce the impact on the climate.
  • You reduce noise and odour pollution.
  • Vibrations on board the inland navigation ship are reduced.
  • For a large proportion of ships, the cost of shore power is the same as the cost of running a generator, sometimes even cheaper.

Save on your energy bills with these tips

Saving energy does not have to be difficult at all. With these simple and efficient measures, you can quickly reduce 30% of your domestic energy use.


I. Turn your heating down by one degree

Your electric heater consumes a lot of power. You should therefore make sure you are not heating unnecessarily. By setting the temperature one degree lower, you soon save 6 to 7%.


II. Replace your lighting with LED bulbs

Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs consume a lot of energy because a lot of heat is released relative to the amount of light produced. If you use LED lighting, you will save enough in one year to cover the costs. What is more, LED bulbs have significantly more burning hours before they fail, which means you also save on maintenance costs.


III. Reduce the temperature of your boiler

Optimise your boiler's settings. This way you avoid unnecessary costs on your energy bill. Of course, this should not affect your comfort. Consistently reduce the temperature setting and evaluate your level of comfort. Normally, you can assume that a temperature of 55°C is sufficient. You should not set the temperature too low either, otherwise there is a risk of bacterial growth. A good lower limit is 58°C.

Energie besparen voor je binnenvaartschip

IV. Monitor your energy consumption

By monitoring your energy consumption at regular intervals, you can quickly find out what consumes the most energy. This way, you can be more conscious of the energy consumption on your vessel and avoid surprises at the end of the year.


V. Install residual heat recovery engines

Re-use the waste heat from your main engines for your heating and for producing domestic hot water.


VI. Insulate where possible

Insulation will reduce heat loss as well as the need for heating. It is sensible to properly insulate your living area and wheelhouse. It is also helpful to put insulation in the rooms containing your water heater and pipes or other locations where you notice unwanted heat loss.

Energie besparen voor je binnenvaartschip

Find a shore power connection

On the website of the Flemish Inland Shipping Services, you will find an overview of the network of shore-based power facilities in Flanders. There are currently three locations with shore power connections in Antwerp that are managed by Port of Antwerp-Bruges. In Zeebrugge, there are no shore power connections for inland navigation.


Waiting dock for barges, Noordkasteel

7 distribution boxes (max. 63A) for inland navigation at Quay 75

2 distribution boxes (max. 125A) for tankers at Quays 85-87

Layby berths Channel-Bassin B2

14 distribution boxes with 3 connection points (2 max. 63A + 1 max. 32A)

Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai, Asiadok and Willemdok

These shore power connections are managed by the City of Antwerp. 


City Port Service
Droogdokkenweg 4 - Haven 18
B-2030 Antwerp
+32 3 338 93 14

Join in

Via Connect4Shore, you can make use of a connection to the shore power network. Once registered, you can make use of this service for €0.27/kWh.


An energy and shore power scan was carried out on 26 inland navigation craft in 2021. Our recommendations are based on the results of this study. The energy scans form part of the European research project Clean Inland Shipping (CLINSH).


The report includes detailed information about the study, the approach and the recommended actions.

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