There are various specific risks in a port. For example: an incident with a ship, a company or a certain chemical or explosive substance. To protect people and the environment in and around the port as effectively as possible, we put strong emphasis on prevention and control.

We do everything we can to limit the risks of an incident through strict regulations, good monitoring, regular checks and by preparing ourselves thoroughly with regular emergency exercises in case something happens.


To this end, we work closely with the companies in the port area, the emergency services, the police and the competent authorities.

Chemistry, safety and environment at port of Antwerp

What to do in case of fire or incident?

Belgium is among the world leaders in chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Antwerp is a real hub for chemical companies and exports a lot of Belgian pharma products. Zeebrugge imports large quantities of LNG, which accounts for some 15% natural gas in Europe.


But what if an incident occurs involving a fire or hazardous substance in a factory or on board a ship? Depending on the seriousness of the situation, a plan is then activated. Companies handling hazardous goods have an internal emergency plan, but if the situation is too serious, the competent authorities activate the general or special emergency intervention plans (ANIP/BNIP). 


Major chemical companies, such as BASF in Antwerp, have their own specialised fire brigade. They know perfectly how to handle certain chemicals. BASF's fire service also comes to the aid of other companies in the port in the event of an incident. 


BE-alert. Would you like to be notified when a serious incident occurs in the port with impact on the environment? Then sign up for BE-alert. In the event of an emergency, the government will notify you as quickly as possible.

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