No show policy

Port of Antwerp-Bruges regularly organizes events for third parties. Organizing these events requires a lot of time, energy and money. To make a correct estimation of the number of attendees, we work with registrations.  

Yes, I’ll attend the event!

If you’d like to attend the event, please make sure to register yourself in time. By working with registrations, we’re able to make the most accurate estimation of meals, budget, capacity, ...  


There is a registration deadline for each event. After this date, attendee numbers are passed on to the caterer and the event office for the final orders. As a result, we limit food surpluses, do not overbook a venue or have to waste resources. 


Don't forget to also register your attendance at the event itself. This way, you avoid being charged a "no-show fee".

Oops, I won't be able to attend but I’m already registered!

Sometimes you are registered but something unexpected happens and you’ll no longer be able to make it to the event. That's too bad, because we would have loved to have you there but we understand. Please unsubscribe by cancelling your registration or let us know by sending an email.   


You can cancel your registration free of charge up to 5 days before the event. You may also send a substitute in your place. In case you send a substitute, let us know before the start of the event.

I was unable to attend and didn’t cancel my registration

You were registered, but didn't inform us in time or didn't send a substitute to the event? Then you will have to pay 50 euros to Port of Antwerp-Bruges. You will receive an invoice and we will donate the sum to Mercy Ships Belgium to support their cause. This organisation is dedicated to providing accessible medical assistance worldwide.