A first for Port of Antwerp-Bruges: the first methanol bunkering operation

With the first bunkering of methanol, a low-carbon fuel, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is consolidating its position as a bunkering port.

First methanol bunkering operation

At SEA-Tank's terminal - at the Bevrijdingsdok - the first methanol bunkering operation took place in early June. The inland navigation ship, Tamariva, bunkered 475 mT (metric tonnes) of methanol onto the oil tanker, Stena Pro Marine. Ships bunker more than six million tonnes of conventional fuels at the port every year, such as low-sulphur oil or gas oil. Port of Antwerp-Bruges wants to make alternative fuels, such as ammonia, hydrogen and hence methanol, available at the port.

Inland navigation vessel Tamira bunkering methanol onto the oil tanker Stena Pro Marine at SEA Tank's terminal.

Towards a Multi Fuel Port

By actively pursuing the use of low-carbon fuels, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is securing its global position as a bunkering port. With this in mind, the Port Authority is developing a clear framework for shipping companies, bunkering companies, industry and terminals which will facilitate bunkering operations and investment decisions. Port of Antwerp-Bruges will provide facilities where possible, make both platforms multi-fuel ready and is itself committed to making its fleet greener by using alternative fuels.

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