Drinking water on board

On several locations in the Antwerp port area, inland shippers find fixed drinking water points to refill their onboard supply. This drinking water not only quenches the crew's thirst, but is also used for showers and other household needs on the ship. But what if shippers are out on the water for a long time with no drinking water station nearby? No need to worry! The drinking water boats of De Wit Bunkering NV are coming.

Water on water

You can compare a drinking water boat to a floating tank. From Monday to Friday, three water boats operate in the Antwerp port area, with two boats on the Right Bank and one on the Left Bank.


Inland shippers place their orders through the website or app of the De Wit Bunkering NV. During deliveries, a large hose connects the water boat’s tank to that of the inland ship. This happens after mandatory water quality checks.

Drinking water boats of De Wit Bunkering NV

An eye for (water)quality

More than 100 000 litres of drinking water, that's how much a drinking water boat can transport. On average, drinking water boats deliver 5 cubic metres of drinking water to barges, but large barges can load 10 cubic metres or more. That's more than 800 bathtubs full!


The water must meet the standards imposed by the Flemish Environment Agency. To ensure this, the captain of the water boat takes a sample every day to check for any potential contamination. These extra requirements do not affect the cost for inland shippers, who only pay the price for the drinking water as determined by supplier Water-Link.

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