MSC christened its brand new cruise ship MSC Euribia in Copenhagen on 8 June. The ship represents a significant step in raising sustainability within the cruise industry.

Cruises with lower emissions

MSC Euribia can accommodate over 6,000 passengers. The hull was designed by artist Alex Flämig. But what makes the ship really special are the additional investments with respect to sustainability.


The ship runs on LNG, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by 20%. Special paint protects the hull against the growth of organisms. Its drag in the water is therefore minimal and the ship retains its efficiency.


The necessary provisions have also been provided in order to connect to shore power. This eliminates emissions from the ship while moored. Port of Antwerp-Bruges will invest 17 million euros in quayside power in the long-term. The first of these facilities will be operational in 2026. 

MSC Euribia can accommodate over 6,000 passengers and its hull is designed by artist Alex Fläming.

Cruise ships in Port of Antwerp-Bruges

MSC has an ongoing agreement with Port of Antwerp-Bruges to visit Zeebrugge for three consecutive winter seasons. Furthermore, this is the only large shipping company that offers Zeebrugge as a port of embarkation, thus targeting the relatively untapped Belgian source market. This form of tourism is important for the tourism industry in Bruges because it concerns mid-week visits, when the city is less busy.


MSC Euribia is a perfect example of the increase in scale in the cruise industry. Other shipping companies, including P&O or AIDA Cruises, regularly call at Zeebrugge with 330-metre ships, which carry over 5,000 passengers.


To receive these ships safely, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is investing in new fenders and extra (storm) boulders at the Zweedse Kaai terminal. As such, the 183 cruise ships with around 500,000 passengers expected at the port this year can continue their journey safely.

Cruise ships are important for the tourism industry in Bruges.

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