Automatic discount for Green Award inland vessels

Since 1 January 2024, barges with a Green Award Gold or Platinum will automatically receive a discount on the Port of Antwerp-Bruges barge dues. This fits in with the port's efforts to promote more environmentally friendly hinterland transport.

The collaboration with Green Award Foundation was highlighted today at the Port House. Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award Foundation today presented to William Demoor, Chief Customer Relations Officer of Port of Antwerp-Bruges the sign confirming that Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a "Green Award Incentive Provider".

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is an official "Green Award Incentive Provider".

Discounts for environmentally friendly barges

Port of Antwerp-Bruges' 2024 tariff regulations provide for discounts for environmentally friendly inland barges. The port thus rewards barge operators iwith greening efforts that go further than the industry standard or than required by law.

 "With the discounts for environmentally friendly barges, we support our customers who stand out in terms of the environment and climate. By joining Green Award as an incentive provider, we also make it very easy for barge operators to get the discounts." - William Demoor, Chief Customer Relations Officer of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

William Demoor is Chief Customer Relations Officer of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Automatic discounts via Green Award

One of the ways to prove that an inland vessel qualifies is to have an audit carried out by the Green Award Foundation. The result of the audit remains valid for three years.


Vessels that score "Gold" or "Platinum" on this audit will automatically receive a discount on port dues when they call at Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Vessels rated "Gold" receive a 10% discount, vessels rated "Platinum" receive a 15% discount. Currently, more than 150 barges calling Antwerp are already registered with the "Gold" or "Platinum" rating. 


What is interesting for the barge operator is that the system is used in several ports so that he does not have to prove his vessel's eligibility in every port. It was one of the reasons for which the inland navigation sector had been asking for a discount system based on Green Award certification.


Without Green Award, the barge operator has to provide all documents for each barge to prove the vessel's eligibility for reduced port dues.

"If you look at our list of participating ports, you can see that Port of Antwerp-Bruges fits in perfectly. As a major logistics hub, Port of Antwerp-Bruges plays a crucial role in the Belgian and European economy. When such a port promotes the sustainability of inland navigation through a Green Award incentive, it has a big impact. We are very happy about it, also because we had had Antwerp on our wish list for a long time and the ARA trio is now complete." - Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award


For Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the transparency of Green Award is an important argument for joining as an Incentive Provider.


"The collaboration with Green Award makes it possible to transparently map the sustainability efforts made by inland navigation operators. As a port, we are fully committed to sustainability, which is why we provide the necessary 'nudging'. In our 2024 tariff regulation, we therefore provide automatic discounts for those inland barges that receive a 'gold' or 'platinum' qualification from Green Award." - Annick De Ridder, Vice-Mayor of the City of Antwerp and President of the Board of Directors of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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