Where can I unload my car as a barge master?

At several places in the Antwerp port area, you can bring your car ashore as a bargemaster. The Zeebrugge port area has no dedicated vehicle unloading points and no separate layby berths. Layby berths must be requested by a shipping agent or cargo handler.


Additional information can be obtained through our Port Information Guide and our Port Section Guide, as well as through the use of iENC cards.

Left bank of the Scheldt

  • South side of the Kallo Lock
  • North side of the Kallo Lock
  • K1552 – Kallopark Service Quay
  • K1722 - Kieldrecht Lock

Right bank of the Scheldt

  • K75 (waiting dock for barges)
  • K230
  • K601 - Service quay Lillo park
  • Layby berths Channel Bassin B2
  • North side of Zandvliet Lock

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