What are the factors that are weighed up with different applicants and their dossiers?

These include (non-exhaustive list):


  1. The purpose or nature of the activities: will the project generate additional maritime traffic for Port of Antwerp-Bruges or not? 
  2. Employment prospects in a direct or indirect sense.
  3. Does the project contribute to the enhancement of the port platform and the associated cluster operation?
  4. The optimum and efficient use of the available space.
  5. Alignment with the strategy and vision of the concession policy: are your activities as a new concessionaire in line with Port of Antwerp-Bruges' sustainability ambitions
  6. In what way does the project incorporate innovation, and is this implemented in the business operations?
  7. Is there any consideration for a modal split? Is this in line with Port of Antwerp-Bruges' mobility ambitions?
  8. The total quality of the project.
  9. The financial situation of the company: as a concessionaire applicant, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the necessary financial capacity to realise the project.
  10. The total investment amount for the realisation of your project: description of the project, method of implementation and financial implications of the planned investments.

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