Do you have a question or complaint about the operation of the port? Would you like to report an incident or suspicious situation? Let us know and help us improve the port and its operations. By reporting incidents, suspicious or unsafe situations and problems in the port, you help ensure a safe and secure port environment.

Report a suspicious situation

Have you seen something suspicious in Antwerp or Zeebrugge?  Describe the incident or situation as clearly as possible and provide the following information:


  • location
  • time
  • type of situation (theft, unusual behaviour, damage, unauthorised access, unattended items, etc.)
  • description of the facts
  • possible description of the persons involved


Harbour Safety and Security evaluates every report and, if necessary, passes it on to the local committee for maritime security.

In Zeebrugge

Report a suspicious situation in Zeebrugge via

Report an incident

Have you seen a fire, accident, oil spill, or another incident in the port? If necessary, always alert the emergency services via 112 and then report it. Any port user witnessing or causing an incident that leads to or may lead to disruption, damage or danger, must immediately notify the Harbour Master's Office thereof.

In Antwerp

Incidents in the Antwerp port area must be reported via +32 3 229 67 33 or VHF channel 63.

Questions, complaints and other reports

Do you have a question, a report or a complaint about the port area, the operation of the port or about Port of Antwerp-Bruges? For instance, a pothole in the road, an unsafe traffic situation, suggestions for better operation, complaint about nuisance, etc. Report it and we'll sort it out as soon as possible! This feedback helps us optimise the operation of the port. 


We handle all reports you make through this reporting point Monday through Friday during business hours. 

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