Plastic catcher ‘Patje Plastic’

Floating waste does not belong in the port. The waste we remove from the water mainly consists of plastics, wood, cardboard and organic material, such as reeds. To reduce water pollution, impact on biodiversity and damage to ships, it is important to detect and clean up this waste as soon as possible. The plastic-catcher ‘Patje Plastic’ in the Doel Dock in Antwerp helps us in this regard.

Innovative fishing out of plastic

At the Doel Dock in Antwerp , ‘Patje Plastic’ fishes out floating waste and plastics so that they don't disperse along the waterways. The installation consists of a floating arm 100 metres long and 1.5 metres deep, which pushes floating waste towards a large waste collector. A series of filters in the collector separates larger waste from smaller waste. And when the container is full? A crane hoists up the containers and takes away the waste. ‘Patje Plastic’ doesn't need electricity, it works on wind, wave and gravity power. The circular design from the Dutch company Allseas is made from 75% recycled plastic.

plasticvanger in Doeldok
Installatie en ingebruikname plasticvanger Patje Plastic

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